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Rockingham Home Energy Audit & Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

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Spray Foam Insulation & Window Replacement Company in Rockingham

Dr. Energy Saver, A Blackdog Affiliate is an authorized dealer of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network of the best energy-conservation contractors across the country. We are not just a contractor company, we specialize in helping you understand your home's current energy efficiency, suggest repairs, and we also do the work! You'll receive the maximum energy and cost-saving results with least amount of hassle.

Spray foam, Attic, Crawl Space, & Blow in Insulation in Rockingham.

We offer FREE estimates for the following services:

  • Complete Home Energy Audit
  • Insulation-spray foam, cellulose-blown-in in & more!
  • Crawl Space Repair
  • Replacement Windows
  • Sealing Air Leaks
  • Radiant Barrier Installation
  • Air Duct Sealing
  • Attic Insulation / Basement Insulation / Crawl Space Insulation

Get your FREE, no-obligation services estimate in Rockingham, New Hampshire, you'll also receive a free copy of "Saving Energy and Money at Home," a great book to use as you begin to create a more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home!

Job Stories From Rockingham County, NH
Saving Money in Derry, NH

Christina, a Derry NH homeowner, was tired of spending so much on her energy bills. Heating and cooling a home should not equate to a second mortgage payment! Christina called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore for an energy evaluation. We recommended that Christina focus on the part of her house that lost the most energy- her attic. First, we sealed all the little gaps in her attic, making sure that conditioned house air could not leak through the ceiling. Next, we installed a combination of foam board insulation and cellulose insulation, to make sure heat and cold can not escape. Lastly, we installed a stair hatch cover, because air can escape through hatches, if not properly sealed. Now Cristina has a less drafty house, and she isn't spending a fortune on energy bills! 

An Addition without Insulation

Evan had an addition built on to his Derry, NH home. Evan loved the addition and loved the extra space it provided within his home. But Evan in the winter, Evan's addition quickly turned cold. All of that extra space became almost unusable, due to a total lack of insulation. Evan called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore, he wanted us to focus our energy audit on the addition. We were happy to help. To fix Evan's problem, we spray foamed the exterior walls and we blew cellulose into the attic. This combination of insulation protected Evan's addition from dramatic energy and heat loss. Now Evan's addition is comfortable in the winter and much cooler in the summer! 

A Warm Salon in Salem, NH

Kay owns a chic salon in Salem, NH. Last winter, she noticed that her clients weren't taking their coats off. Kay realized her space was way too cold. She cranked up the heat for her clients but her bottom line suffered. Kay called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore and we were only too happy to help. For Kay, we focused on the salon's attic. We removed all the old ineffective fiberglass insulation and used closed cell spray foam to insulate the space.

Dr. Energy Saver can be a wonderful solution for small business owners or landlords, if you own a building and you're experiencing high energy costs- get in touch with us today.

Buttoning Up In Salem, NH

Keith, a Salem NH homeowner, loves the New Hampshire weather. Keith loves the seasons and appreciates all the NH parks and wildlife... but he likes to keep nature outside. Keith called Dr. Energy Saver because he was frustrated with his home- it was too cold in the winter and way too hot in the summer.

Dr. Energy Saver assessed his home, sealed the property, and prevented unnecessary heating and cooling energy losses. Dr. Energy Saver completely buttoned up the property. We started with the attic and then moved on to the walls, air sealing and insulating everything. Dr. Energy Saver also worked on the spaces above the home's garage. 

Builders often forget insulating between the garage, a space usually without climate control, and the remainder of the house. Dr. Energy Saver can fix what your home's builders missed. Give us a call today!

Frozen Pipes in North Hampton, NH

Kenneth purchased his North Hampton home about a year ago. Before moving in, the previous homeowner disclosed that his pipes had frozen and caused water damage. Though the damage had since been repaired, Kenneth worried about the pipes freezing again. The previous homeowner did not add any additional insulation to prevent the damage from occurring again. 


Kenneth called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore to request an energy audit, with a focus on those troubling pipes. We found that by focusing on Kenneth's attic, we protected his pipes by helping his home stay warm. For Kenneth's attic, we removed existing insulation and used a combination of spray foam and blown in cellulose. Now Kenneth's home is insulated properly and he'll be protected against the water damage that comes from frozen pipes.

Colonial Ice Dams in Raymond, NH

Louis owns a colonial style home in Raymond, NH. He's experienced ice dam issues for several years. Louis already had rolled fiberglass insulation, but he realized that fiberglass wasn't enough. Louis called Dr. Energy Saver to add additional insulation to his home to reduce ice dams and lower his energy bills. 

To help Louis, Dr. Energy Saver Northshore used spray foam insulation throughout his attic. Now the attic is insulated both with fiberglass AND spray foam, creating a great barrier against the outdoors. Louis now had reduced his chance of getting ice dams and lowered his energy bills. 

A Crawl Space in Candia, NH

Mike, a Candia NH homeowner, contacted Dr. Energy Saver Northshore over the summer with a specific request. He needed his crawl space insulated. Crawl space insulation requires some finesse, it is important to protect the space from mold in addition to adding insulation. Dr. Energy Saver creates a barrier between the damp ground and insulation by using materials designed specifically for crawl spaces.

For Mike, we used the CleanSpace Liner, TerraBlock floor insulation, spray foam insulation, and the SaniDry dehumidifier to ensure his crawlspace stays dry and insulated. An added benefit of keeping your crawl space dry? It will greatly reduce your home's spider population!

In New England, the summer is the perfect time to get your home insulated. If you get your home insulated before winter, you can avoid the high costs of heating your home inefficiently. Call Dr. Energy Saver today to save money tomorrow. 

Preventing Attic Heat Loss in Salem, NH

One of the most common issues we see in homes is an improperly insulated attic. If your house is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, we can guess that you've got an attic issue. Attics without the right kind of insulation can cost homeowners hundreds of dollars in heating expenses. Michael, a Salem NH homeowner, was experiencing these issues. After a thorough energy evaluation, we determined that Michael's attic needed some work.

To fix his issues, we removed Michael's old fiberglass insulation. It wasn't working and we needed to make room for the right kind of insulation. After we removed the fiberglass, we completely air sealed Michael's attic, using a combination of rigid foam board, expanding spray foam, and a stair hatch cover. After the attic was air sealed, we blew in cellulose at a depth of R 60. Now, Michael's attic is sealed and insulated, ensuring that his home will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

New Home Spray Foam in Epping, NH

Many builders, when designing and building a new home, focus on architecture and angles. They want the space to be beautiful to attract buyers. They build gorgeous cathedral ceilings and sunlit rooms covered in windows. Everyone want's to live in a house like that... until winter. Builders tend to forget that high ceilings and huge windows can cause a home to hemorrhage heat.

David, an Epping NH homeowner, bought his new home last year. He assumed that the house would be warm in the winter, since it was so new. David was in for a rude awakening. His home was really expensive to heat. David called Dr. Energysaver. To solve David's problem, we used closed cell spray foam to insulate his property. Now David's home is more energy efficient and less expensive to heat. 

Reducing Ice Dams in Chester, NH

Sometimes, reducing ice dams is as simple as removing old insulation and adding new, more effective, insulation. Other times, reducing ice dams is a little more complicated.

For Tim, in Chester NH, we had to employ several solutions to reduce his ice dams. First we removed his whole house fan. It wasn't working and it was creating energy issues. Next, we properly vented his bathroom by replacing the bath fan and extending the bath vent outside. Lastly, we air sealed and insulated his attic. Now Tim's home is properly sealed, vented, and insulated. He should have greatly reduced ice dams!

Air Sealing in Salem, NH

The most important thing any homeowner can do, to prevent energy loss, is air seal. Air sealing ensures that tiny little holes do not draw out your home's conditioned air. Insulation without air sealing is ineffective. We can discover all those tiny places air escapes in an energy audit. 

We audited Michael's Salem, NH home and discovered that his home had heaps of fiberglass piled around leaky attic walls. His home was expensive to heat and the heat he was buying wasn't working. To solve Michael's energy issues, we started with removing all the old fiberglass. Next, air sealing, we crawled around, found every little hole, and used expanding foam to seal it. After that, we used cellulose insulation to ensure that Michael's home is energy efficient and comfortable.

Over the Garage Insulation in Derry, NH

Martin, a Derry NH homeowner, had an energy problem we see frequently. Martin owns a home with a room directly above the garage. Garages aren't usually heated and builders often forget to insulate above the garage. Since insulation is not always added between the first and second floor of a home, this kind of mistake is incredibly common. In Martin's case, the room above the garage was way too cold. To solve Martin's cold room problem, we insulated and air sealed the garage ceiling, creating a barrier between the unheated garage and the upstairs. Now Martin's home is evenly heated year round!

Saving Money in Windham, NH

Pedro, a Windham NH homeowner, wanted to save money on his energy bills. Every winter, he felt that he was wasting money on heating the outdoors. Pedro called Dr. Energy Saver hoping for a solution. For Pedro, we recommended a thorough energy audit. Energy audits are the best way to discover a home's energy needs. After auditing Pedro's home, we discovered that the majority of his heat was leaving through the attic. To fix this issue, we air sealed and insulated the space, focusing on the needs of a multi level attic. We used a combination of foam board and cellulose to ensure proper insulation throughout the space. We also employed the use of can light covers and scuttle hatch covers to seal the space thoroughly. Now Pedro will have a warm house this winter AND save money!

A Four Season Porch in Salem, NH

Michael, a Salem NH homeowner, contacted Dr. Energy Saver because he wanted to enjoy his whole house year round. Most of us are not living in mansions or large estates, so it makes sense to take advantage of all available living space all the time. A great place to start is the porch. In the summer, the porch is a wonderful space to cool off without the expense of air conditioning, but in the winter, the porch is really only a place to discard snowy weather accessories and shoes. Michael called Dr. Energy Saver with hopes of using his porch year round. To help Michael, we removed the existing insulation, and installed closed cell spray foam to air seal and insulate the space. Now Michael can use his porch year round!

Warmer by the Water in North Hampton, NH

Ken, a North Hampton homeowner, loves living near the ocean. New Hampshire doesn't have much coastline, so homeowners lucky enough to be near the coast are hesitant to ever move! Ken loved his location, but wasn't too happy about his home's energy efficiency. To fix this problem, Ken called Dr. Energy Saver. For Ken, we were able to insulate his home properly without even entering the home. We removed Ken's vinyl siding, drilled into the sub wall, blew in cellulose, and then replaced the siding. Ken now has a warmly insulated home and he didn't have to worry about dealing with construction! 

Summer Home Insulation in Hampstead, NH

A summer home is a great investment. It's a property you can use a few times a year. You can even rent it out to help cover your mortgage and taxes! Many summer homes are not properly insulated because many homeowners close their summer house for the winter. But what about those chilly spring and fall nights? Even if you aren't spending your winter by the water, you may want to make sure your summer home isn't super drafty.  One of the best ways to stop drafts is through spray foam insulation. And that's exactly what we did for our client in Hampstead, NH. When he was in his cottage, he wanted to be comfortable! Now that we've air sealed and insulated using spray foam, our client will have more comfortable vacations!

Insulating Everywhere in Derry, NH

Our client, a Derry NH homeowner, was experiencing some frustrating energy issues. In the winter, his home was too cold and drafty. In the summer, his home was unbearably hot and stuffy. AND the room above his garage was even worse! To help our client, we needed to completely overhaul his insulation.  First, we air sealed everything. That meant using expanding foam insulation to fill in all the little gaps, installing a stair hatch cover, and installing a scuttle hatch cover. After his home was sealed properly, we used a combination of rigid foam board insulation and cellulose insulation to insulate the attic to R60. Now our Derry, NH client has a comfortable home!

Reducing Energy Bills in Rye, NH

Kathryn, a Rye NH homeowner, contacted Dr. Energy Saver after she closed on her new home. She wanted to be sure that her home was as energy efficient as possible. Kathryn knew that an energy evaluation would be the best way to discover any energy issues on her property. After our thorough assessment, we determined that the best place to start was the basement. To save Kathryn money, we first used spray foam to seal up rim joists. This prevents cold basement air from shooting up through the house. Next, we used foam insulation board to insulate the walls. Lastly, we installed a SaniDry dehumidifier to keep the basement dry and prevent moisture damage. Now Kathryn's home will be significantly more efficient and she'll have reduced energy bills. 

Windy in Windham, NH

Roy, a Windham NH homeowner, contacted Dr. Energy Saver to reduce his energy spending. Roy noticed that when it was windy outside, his home would get cold and drafty. Roy replaced his windows, but it just wasn't enough. To fix Roy's drafty house, we focused on insulating the attic. We used a combination of spray foam, cellulose and foam board to air seal and insulate the space. We also added insulation to the basement in order to stop the stack effect in its tracks!

Recommended by the Roofer in Salem, NH

Casandra, a Salem NH homeowner, needed to have her roof redone. She was very happy with her roofing professional and very happy with her new roof! However, she was rather surprised about what her roofer told her. He told her she was losing heat, a lot of it, through the roof. Casandra called us. To make Casandra's home warmer and to help with heat loss, we started by air sealing in the attic and around the cathedral ceiling. We covered all can lights and the stair hatch. We insulated with a combination of cellulose and foam board. We made sure that Casandra's home will no longer lose heat through the roof and attic. Casandra is now enjoying a much more comfortable space!

Warmer in Hampstead, NH

The things that we love in the summer are often the things we avoid in the winter. Decks and porches we once enjoyed become storage for shovels and sleds. And the AC ducts and skylights that kept us cool on hot days... keep us cold on freezing days. Ted, a Hampstead homeowner, reached out to us hoping to make his home more comfortable and less drafty. To help Ted, we used spray foam to encapsulate his duct system and air sealed the spaces around his skylights. Now Ted's home is draft free. And in the summer? His AC will work more efficiently, keeping him cool for less money. 

Retaining heat in Salem, NH

Joe, a Salem homeowner, lived in his home one month before calling us. It might have been one of the coldest months on record, but Joe was appalled by his home's inability to stay warm. Your home should be able to make it through the seasons. It gets cold here. Your home should be ready for it. To help Joe, we air sealed and insulated his roof with cellulose and rigid foam board. We also worked on his crawl space by using spray foam to insulate the rim joists and windows. Now, Joe's home is insulated from top to bottom, he can be sure that the next time the temperature dips into the negatives, he'll stay warm inside. 

A Lot of Spray Foam in Salem, NH

John, a Salem NH homeowner, contacted Dr. Energy Saver convinced that his whole house needed spray foam- and fast! He was getting huge energy bills and he wasn't happy. Spray foam is undoubtedly the most glamorous of insulation, but it isn't always the best solution to every home issue. After evaluating John's home, we recommended a variety of solutions. Over his master bedroom, we removed the existing insulation, used spray foam to air seal and used blown in cellulose to insulate.  Over the garage, we air sealed with rigid foam board and spray foam and we used cellulose to fill the space. Another company might have only one insulation specialty. They might only have cellulose or only have spray foam. We have everything so that we can provide a comprehensive solution to any home energy problem. John's home is now expertly insulated and his energy bills are lower!

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