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Dr. Energy Saver, A Blackdog Affiliate serving Middlesex County, MA

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Spray Foam Insulation & Window Replacement Company in Middlesex

Dr. Energy Saver, A Blackdog Affiliate is an authorized dealer of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network of the best energy-conservation contractors across the country. We are not just a contractor company, we specialize in helping you understand your home's current energy efficiency, suggest repairs, and we also do the work! You'll receive the maximum energy and cost-saving results with least amount of hassle.

Spray foam, Attic, Crawl Space, & Blow in Insulation in Middlesex.

We offer FREE estimates for the following services:

  • Complete Home Energy Audit
  • Insulation-spray foam, cellulose-blown-in in & more!
  • Crawl Space Repair
  • Replacement Windows
  • Sealing Air Leaks
  • Radiant Barrier Installation
  • Air Duct Sealing
  • Attic Insulation / Basement Insulation / Crawl Space Insulation

Get your FREE, no-obligation services estimate in Middlesex, Massachusetts, you'll also receive a free copy of "Saving Energy and Money at Home," a great book to use as you begin to create a more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home!

Job Stories From Middlesex County, MA
SuperDeck in Billerica, MA

This customer's goal was to have a more comfortable home year round but also have a clean space in their attic to use for storage. Attics are usually not a great space to store items because of the rapid changes in temperature or insulation covering the floors, but a SuperDeck can be installed to solve both concerns. Only Dr. Energy Saver has a Trademarked process to provide an insulated storage deck that will make the home more comfortable, save energy, and last as long as the house. Our team went into this attic and air sealed the leaky spots, blew cellulose insulation, and built a SuperDeck insulated storage deck. The customer is thrilled with this usable space and ready to take on the winter. Call Dr. Energy Saver today for a free in home evaluation and find out how you can be saving energy and money year round!

SuperDeck in Billerica, MA - Photo 1SuperDeck in Billerica, MA - Photo 2
Room Temperature Issue in Melrose, MA.

This client in Melrose, MA has an old porch that was converted into a playroom for his young children. The problem with this room is the temperature being too cold in the winter and uncomfortably hot in the summer. He called Dr. Energy Saver to solve these issues by insulating under the playroom with spray foam insulation.

When our team inspected the area they found that all of the ducts were located underneath the playroom, outside of the house! This means that in the winter, cold air instead of heat was blowing into the room. They also used the thermal gun and realized there was no insulation above the playroom either. This was something the client was unaware of before we tested the room.

Our team quickly got to work spray foaming underneath the playroom including all of the ducts, and injecting densely packed cellulose insulation above the room.

This playroom will now be a nice, warm area in the winter and cooler in the summer for their children to enjoy all year long. If you have rooms that can’t be used all year long due to the summer heat or the winter cold, call Dr. Energy Saver today to schedule a free in home evaluation. You bought a whole house and you should be able to use your whole house all year long!

Dense Packed Cellulose in Billerica, MA

This client in Billerica, MA had previously insulated his attic and basement and wanted to complete the project with exterior wall insulation. Our weatherization crew dense packed the envelope of the exterior walls with cellulose insulation. Dense packed cellulose provides both R-Value and air sealing within the wall cavities. This stops drafts and makes the home more comfortable.

This client is very pleased with his newly insulated walls and explained that he chose Dr. Energy Saver because unlike other companies, we could perform the dense packing from the outside of the home rather than from the inside.

If you have a drafty home and would like to be more comfortable and energy efficient, call us today for a free in home evaluation and estimate.

An Energy Efficient Home in Lowell, MA

John, a homeowner in Lowell, wanted to make his home more energy efficient. His 1958 ranch home was poorly insulated and very drafty. John also noticed that the walls led to an overall noisy home. He was looking for more of a sound barrier between walls. 

Dr. Energy Saver Northshore evaluated John's home and found a few solutions to his energy problem. We insulated and air sealed rim joists with spray foam, air sealed and insulated the attic, installed an attic hatch cover, and dense-packed cellulose behind the vinyl siding. 

John is overjoyed with his energy efficient home, and very happy that his home is more quiet. 

Fixing the Damage in Lowell, MA

Joe, a Lowell homeowner, was dealing with a stinky situation. He had an insulated addition completely ruined by some invading skunks! Joe was left with a freezing cold floor in his addition. He needed something to fix the cold and wanted insulation that would be resistant to pests. 

Enter Dr. Energy Saver Northshore! One thing we love about our product, bugs and critters don't like it! Most insulation makes for a cozy home for little fur friends but Dr. Energy Saver products are designed to keep your home pest free. 

Dr. Energy Saver Northshore installed a CleanSpace Liner, TerraBlock insulation, and Closed Cell Spray foam in the skunk ruined crawl space. Now Joe has a properly insulated home!

Frozen Pipes in Framingham, MA

Sara's Framingham ranch had a major inconvenience. She has pipes running through her attic. And every winter, those pipes would freeze. Sara called an HVAC business about the issue, and they recommended that she spray foam her attic. 

Dr. Energy Saver Northshore spray foamed her attic using closed cell spray foam. This was a quick fix for Sara, she did not have to deal with moving her pipes around or any serious construction. Dr. Energy Saver saved Sara time, prevented her pipes from freezing, and did it all at an affordable price. 

Knee Wall Insulation in Framingham

If you don't already know what a knee wall is, it's a little wall (under 3ft) that supports a roof. If your knee wall is not insulated, it can lead to a VERY cold attic and an inefficient home. Kyle and Jessica have a cape style house in Framingham, they discovered that their knee walls were not properly insulated, they called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore.

We installed our SuperKneeWall with SilverGlo foamboard, an incredibly effective way to insulate an attic. This is what the finished product looks like. We also air sealed the attic and covered their scuttle hatch cover. Kyle and Jessica now have a cozy home and have saved money in energy costs.

Mildew in Malden, MA

Fred had some worries about his Malden home. He was noticing a mildew smell and was concerned about the overall level of humidity in his basement. He was noticing condensation in his utility room and he worried about the potential for that expensive equipment to rust or break down from the extra moisture. 

Unlike more traditional insulation or dehumidifier businesses, Dr. Energy Saver does more than one thing, so we can write and fill the exact prescription to solve a home's problems. For Fred's house, we prescribed a combination of spray foam insulation and our SaniDry Basement Air System. The combination of these two things protected Fred's basement from moisture and secured his costly utility equipment from rust. 

Keeping It Cool In Malden, MA

The majority of the homeowners we speak with are struggling with keeping their home warm. Sheldon, a Malden homeowner, was having the opposite problem. He could not get his house to stay cool during summer. A house that is too hot can be even more unbearable than a house that is too cold- in the wintertime, we can always throw a down comforter over our beds... but in the summer... there's no escaping the heat. Sheldon was frustrated with the heat and he knew that his HVAC sytem wasn't the problem. 

Dr. Energy Saver Northshore completed an energy audit for Sheldon, we found the problems, and then we fixed them. To keep Sheldon's home cooler, we removed Sheldon's existing ineffective insulation, we air sealed and insulated his attic with cellulose, we sealed up the kitchen soffit, we insulated his catwalk, installed can light covers, and spray foamed the rim joist. It sounds like quite a lot, doesn't it!?

With all this done, Sheldon has a house that stays cool!

Preventing the Heat from Escaping in Medford, MA

Irene didn't need us to tell her why her house was so cold. She knew that her house lacked insulation, but she wasn't quite sure where she needed to add more. There can be so many hidden places for heat to escape, a home energy audit can catch all those little leaks, so that you get the best bang for your buck. 

Dr. Energy Saver Northshore discovered that Irene needed insulation in a few places. We blew cellulose into her exterior walls and into her attic. These were the places Irene needed insulation the most. After insulating these two spaces, Irene's house got warmer and significantly less drafty! 

Thawed in Medford, MA

A little over a year ago, Steve's pipes kept freezing in both his bathroom and laundry room. Many homeowners occasionally experience frozen pipes. On very cold days, when temperatures dip into the negatives, there's always a bit of a risk for frozen pipes... but it should not be happening frequently. Steve called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore after deciding he'd had enough with frozen pipes.

Dr. Energy Saver Northshore air sealed and insulated Steve's attic with cellulose. And from the outside of Steve's house, we dense-packed cellulose into the bathroom walls. Lastly, used closed cell spray foam to insulate the space under the laundry area. These three projects kept Steve's pipes from freezing last winter.

A Warm Pool Room in Bedford, NH

Doug wanted his entire Bedford, NH home to be comfortable year round. He loved spending time in his bright pool room and wanted to be able to enjoy the space in the winter. A warm sunny room is wonderful in the winter, and we wanted to help! Dr. Energy Saver Northshore insulated the multi-level attic by first air sealing the space between the two levels, and installing both foam board insulation and cellulose insulation. Now Doug's pool house will be cozy and bright all winter long!

How to Stay Cool in Tewksbury, MA

Chuck called us with two concerns. He wanted to reduce his ice dams and keep his home cool in the summer. To reduce Chuck's ice dams, we focused on his attic insulation- we made sure that Chuck's heat remained inside the house and didn't escape through the roof. To make Chuck's home cooler in the summer, we encapsulated his duct work, this ensures that the cool air conditioned air isn't heated on it's way to his rooms.

Spray Foam in Everett, MA

Occasionally, clients will call us knowing exactly what they need. Usually people in the remodeling or building industry, these clients will have specific things they want to address, and we are more than happy to help! Thom, an Everett, MA homeowner, was one such individual. He knew the outer walls in his home needed insulation and that spray foam was the least destructive way to get that accomplished. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore can drill into the exterior wall, spray in insulation, and conceal the holes. Homeowners can insulate properly without experiencing significant disturbances in their home! Dr. Energy Saver Northshore did this for Thom's house, and now his property is insulated properly!

The Pipes Were Frozen in Arlington, MA

Suzanne, an Arlington, MA homeowner, had the same problem every winter. Her pipes would freeze. After a state funded program gave Suzanne an extremely expensive estimate to keep her pipes in working order, she decided to seek alternate paths. Suzanne called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore, she wanted to know if we could offer her an affordable solution to her specific problem. We could! For Suzanne, we used spray foam to insulate her Rim Joists, and we replaced her inefficient basement window. These two solutions will keep the bitter cold out of her home, and help with her freezing pipes. Because our solution was so targeted, she ended up spending less than she would have with a state funded energy program!

Insulating for Storage in Marlborough, MA

Alton, a Marlborough MA homeowner, was frustrated with the ice dams that would consistently appear every winter. He was seeing ceiling staining and damage to his gutters. Alton didn't love the idea of cellulose insulation because he was using his attic for storage. Alton found Dr. Energy Saver Northshore through searching online. We were able to find a great solution to Alton's issue. We recommended using a combination of cellulose and spray foam. By walling off the cellulose, we were able to keep that separate from walkways and storage areas. Now Alton has it all, a home with reduced ice dams, and plenty of attic storage! 

Keeping the Critters Outside in Marlborough, MA

Shawn contacted Dr. Energy Saver Northshore after he had insulation work done from a different company. He felt that, though they did a great job with what they worked on, they might not have caught all his problems. Shawn was, in particular, worried about pests getting into his basement, he didn't feel that it was properly sealed. Shawn wanted us to come in and do an energy audit, to find what they missed. After exploring the house, we did find some missing pieces. We insulated and air sealed rim joists with spray foam and we sealed his basement windows. These two fixes create a sealed, insulated, and critter free basement for Shawn.  

Too Hot, Too Cold, In Woburn, MA

Bernie found Dr. Energy Saver Northshore online, he really enjoyed the Dr. Energy Saver videos, and loved that we used science to determine home comfort and energy efficiency. Bernie asked us to audit his Woburn, MA home, he wanted to focus on making the upstairs cooler in the summer, and the kitchen floor warmer in winter. We accomplished this by insulating and air sealing his roof, and insulating under the kitchen floor with spray foam. By focusing on Bernie's specific issues, we were able to solve his problems, without wasting any time or money on things he didn't care about. Now Bernie's house is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer!

Vermiculite to Spray Foam in Chelmsford, MA

Chase was in the process of buying a home in Chelmsford when he called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore. Chase's future house had vermiculite insulation, a kind of insulation known for asbestos contamination. Chase wanted to be sure he was moving into a safe property, so he wanted the vermiculite safely removed and new insulation installed. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore does not do asbestos removal, but we were able to provide Chase with a very safe insulation, after the vermiculite was removed! After it cures, spray foam is an incredibly safe and effective insulation. Now Chase can feel comfortable in his home, he doesn't have to worry about the long term health effects of asbestos overhead. 

Back for More in Chelmsford, MA

Ed and Christine, Chelmsford homeowners, had worked with Blackdog Builders in the past, they were so happy with their experience that they reached our to Dr. Energy Saver Northshore, a Blackdog Affiliate, for an energy audit. Ed and Christine wanted to focus on reducing ice dams and making their home more energy efficient. After our audit, we recommended several changes to their home. First, we wanted to make sure everything was all sealed. In the attic, we recommended installing can light covers, a stair hatch cover, and encapsulation for the ducts. Following that, we recommended blown in cellulose for maximum R value. Ed and Christine now have a comfortable, energy efficient property, with less chance of developing significant ice dams.

Ice Dams Be Gone! In Lexington, MA

Stephen called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore after dealing with ice dams for 5 years. For 5 years, Stephen would fight with the ice dams himself, hoping that knocking the icicles down himself would help the situation. Stephen eventually found himself doing internet searches for the root causes of these winter menaces. He found Dr. Energy Saver videos about the prevention and treatment of ice dams. Stephen was so impressed with the knowledge behind the method, he called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore to audit his house. We were able to discover where the majority of the hot air was escaping, we covered Stephen's can lights, insulated his Cape Cod style roof, and insulated his cathedral ceiling. These tactics block the majority of energy leakage and help prevent ice dams.

Warmer Floors Wanted in Lexington, MA

Isham, a Lexington MA homeowner, really wanted his floors to be warmer in the winter. He thought about adding heating elements to his home, but decided to explore insulation possibilities first. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore assessed Isham's energy situation and concluded that warmer floors were possible, with proper rim joist insulation. Isham was happy to hear that there was a less expensive solution than a heated floor. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore used spray foam to insulate and seal the rim joists in Isham's home. Now Isham has warm feet in the winter!

Replacing Fiberglass in Dracut, MA

Ken bought his Dracut home last March. Throughout the home buying process, Ken noticed that the basement was pretty musty smelling. He didn't see any water damage, so he wasn't particularly concerned with the smell. After living in his property for a few months, Ken changed his mind. The fiberglass insulation in the basement was in rough shape. It looked like some critters had been living in it, and it smelled pretty bad. Ken decided he wanted to get that nasty old insulation out of his house. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore removed all that damaged fiberglass insulation, we used spray foam to insulate the rim joists, which was causing the majority of the energy inefficiency, and we installed our SaniDry basement dehumidifier. Now Ken's basement is far from musty, and he doesn't have to worry about critters getting into the spray foam!

Crawl Spaces in Dracut, MA

The crawl space under Margaret's Dracut MA home has concrete cinder block walls. Left without insulation, in the winter, this kind of space can create extremely cold floors in a home. Margaret called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore because she wanted a warmer house. We decided to focus on her crawl space, because it was the specific issue causing the most inefficiency in her home. For this project, we sealed any possible gaps, then we installed a thick foam board insulation. This kind of insulation is ideal for moist and musty areas, and it resists pests far more than fiberglass. Now Margaret has a warmer home, and her crawl spaces are cleaner and protected from pest damage.

Fixing a Condo in Tewksbury, MA

Gary owns a condo in Tewksbury, MA. He felt like he was spending far too much on heating and cooling costs. After reaching out to his condo association, Gary found out he could make any sort of attic insulation improvements he wanted. Excited about this, Gary reached out to Dr. Energy Saver Northshore for an energy audit. We found the source of Gary's high energy costs: a poorly insulated HVAC system. HVAC systems are often the culprits of some serious energy waste. When these metal ducts are not properly insulated, air is heated and cooled by the outside climate as it travels through a home's walls. To fix this problem for Gary, we air sealed and used spray foam to insulate the ducts. Now Gary's energy bills are lower and his condo is comfortable.

New Roof and New Insulation! In Melrose, MA

Susan, a Melrose MA homeowner, had experienced severe and destructive ice dams at her house. Susan needed to replace her roof, as a consequence of normal New England wear and tear, and figured it might be time to address the ice dams as well. Susan called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore and we were happy to help her reduce those ice dams. For Susan, we removed her existing fiberglass insulation, next we used spray foam to insulate both her attic and chimney. Now Susan's attic is properly insulated and her new roof is protected.

Protect an AC Investment with Insulation in Melrose, MA

After a very hot summer, Diane decided that she wanted central air conditioning in her home. After checking out her space, the central air installer recommended that Diane protect her investment with additional insulation in the ceilings and walls. A central air unit can be costly to run, when one's home has a variety of leaks. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore removed the old dirty insulation in Diane's home and replaced it with new spray foam. Now Diane can trust that she will not be spending too much on cooling her home. We think she'll see some improvements in her heating costs too!

Reducing Energy Cost in Wakefield, MA

Patricia had an energy audit before calling Dr. Energy Saver Northshore. So she already had an idea of what we were going to tell her. Her home's addition was not insulated. To reduce the cost of her extremely high energy bills, Patricia was ready to invest in insulation. To save her money, Dr. Energy Saver Northshore recommended a variety of work. First, we focused on the attic, by wrapping her chimney in rockwool and air sealing the entire space. Next, we blew cellulose into the attic AND the walls. Lastly, we used spray foam to insulate rim joists. Now Patricia's home is energy efficient, and she's saving tons of money in her energy bills. 

Garage and Workshop insulation in Wakefield, MA

Achilles loves working in his garage and workshop. But both his garage and workshop, in Wakefield MA, were often too cold during the winter months. To make these spaces available year round, Achillies called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore to help. We dense packed both the garage ceiling and the workshop ceiling with cellulose. This simple fix will make Achillies' work space much more comfortable in the winter and even cooler in the summer.

From Attic to Basement in Burlington, MA

Usually, we find that the most cost effective way for us to insulate a home is to focus on attics and basements. The majority of cold air enters a home through the basement and the majority of heat escapes out through the attic. Meredith, a Burlington MA homeowner, wanted to make her home more energy efficient. We air sealed and insulated her attic with a combination of cellulose and foam board. And in the basement, we replaced her windows and used spray foam to insulate the rim joists. These affordable projects led to a warmer home for Meredith- and lower energy bills!

Reducing Ice Dams in Reading, MA

Dean was dealing with ice dams outside his Reading, MA home. To reduce these dangerous dams, Dean called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore. We did an energy audit on his home, to investiage the problem further. Our audit found a few important things we needed to fix. We wanted to make sure Dean's duct system was working properly, so we encapsulated it with spray foam to prevent any air leaking. We covered Dean's can lights and stair hatch. And we blew in cellulose to cover the attic floor. Now the heat from Dean's home will stay where it belongs, and his ice dams will be greatly reduced. 

Making Time for Comfort in Reading, MA

Eleanor called us because she knew she needed insulation in her attic. She was dealing with ice dams and high energy bills. The only problem was, Eleanor was uper busy! She couldn't imagine fitting another thing into her schedule. After working with our amazing office team at Dr. Energy Saver Northshore, Eleanor was excited to learn that we could accommodate her busy life and get the work done when she needed it. We wrapped the chimney in rockwool, covered can lights, installed a hatch cover, and insulated with blown in cellulose.  

Mold No More In Dracut, MA

Sharon, a Dracut MA homeowner, was interested in having her attic looked at. She noticed mold, in the space, and wanted to make sure the mold was not affecting her family's health. Sharon contacted a business working with the state funded energy program, unfortunately, the business was not very knowledgeable about Sharon's home. 

Sharon heard about us through a friend who had worked with Blackdog Builders, the Design/Build part of the Blackdog family. Sharon was impressed with our reputation and reached out. Dr. Energy Saver removed the mold growing in Sharon's attic and properly sealed and insulated attic to prevent future mold growth. 

If you've got the problems that come with improper insulation, get in touch with Dr. Energy Saver today.

Spray Foam in Townsend, MA

Charles called Dr. Energy Saver knowing what he needed. His Townsend, MA home was not insulated properly. The builders neglected to insulate the slopes of the roof. This lack of insulation made for super hot summers and wickedly cold winters. Charles called Dr. Energy Saver looking for spray foam. 

Dr. Energy Saver agreed with Charles, spray foam was indeed the best solution to his energy problem. Spray foam can dramatically increase the energy efficiency of your property. If you'd like to learn more, get in touch with Dr. Energy Saver today.

A Cold Attic in Reading, MA

Alex, a Reading MA homeowner, was very familiar with insulation and energy efficiency. Alex insulated his basement himself! For his attic, though, Alex wanted a little professional help. Alex called us because he knew we were experts in blown in cellulose insulation, which insulates better than fiberglass, and his attic really needed it! When we arrived, Alex didn't have ANY insulation in his attic. We were happy to change that! After a few hours, Alex's home is properly insulated with cellulose at R60! That's warm! Contact us today if you could use some insulation in your attic!

Drafty Kitchens in Concord, MA

Kathryn, a Concord MA homeowner, had a really drafty kitchen! One corner of her kitchen was so drafty, she felt the wind come through on cold days. After an energy audit, we discovered how to fix Kathryn's drafty kitchen. We started with the basement and used foam board to insulate the basement walls. Next, we used spray foam around the stone walls and rim joist. And lastly, we used cellulose insulation to insulate the walls. Now Kathryn's kitchen is draft free!

Way Too Hot in Melrose, MA

At Dr. Energy Saver Northshore, we hear a lot about the cold. We hear about cold homes, drafty homes, ice dams... etc. We do not often hear about the heat, so when we do, it's kind of exciting! A house that is too hot has the same problem as a house that is too cold- poor insulation. Mike, a Melrose MA homeowner, bought his house this past spring. Over the summer, he was frustrated with the heat. Mike called us and we fixed his hot house problems. We used spray foam to insulate his attic and rockwool to wrap his chimney. Now Mike's home is properly insulated- it will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Reducing Ice Dams in Waltham, MA

A Waltham, MA homeowner was frustrated with the ice dams on his property. He had a state funded program check out his property, but he was not impressed with their solutions. This homeowner wanted to work with experts so he called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore. We did an energy audit on this Waltham home and discovered that to reduce ie dams, the best solution was our Super Attic. This system uses rigid foam insulation panels to fully seal and insulate the attic. A properly insulated home means significantly reduced ice dams!

Saying goodbye to rodents in Bedford, MA

Wild rodents are never welcome in homes. They cause damage to property, and worse, can spread disease. A Bedford, MA couple contacted Dr. Energy Saver Northshore because they wanted their insulation replaced. It had been damaged by rodents. Fiberglass insulation tends to attract rodents, they love to nest in the material. One of the reasons we don't work with fiberglass insulation! We replaced the fiberglass insulation with spray foam and now this Bedford MA home is rodent free!

Cleaning the Air in Wakefield, MA

Dan, a Wakefield MA homeowner, had a damp basement. Two years ago, Dan even had to have mold remediation in his basement. Dan figured that his basement would be fine after the remediation. But this spring, he noticed a musty smell returning to the space. Wanting to avoid another costly mold remediation, Dan called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore. To help improve the air quality in Dan's home, we used closed cell spray foam to insulate the basement. We also replaced the basement windows with a double pane window, to ensure that the basement stays dry. Now, Dan will have a basement more resistant to mold and free from that musty smell! 

Insulating the Cathedral Ceilings in Reading, MA

Michelle, a Reading MA homeowner, had beautiful cathedral ceilings in her home. Cathedral ceilings are gorgeous, they create a sense of airy lightness in a home. They also create high heating bills. Heat rises, and tall ceilings can mean that precious heat ends up at the top of the room, where no one can feel it. To help Michelle with her high ceiling issue, we dense packed cellulose insulation into all the little spaces between the ceiling and the roof. Now that Michelle's high ceilings are insulated, they are a source of beauty AND warmth.

Attic Repairs in North Chelmsford, MA

Steve, a North Chelmsford MA homeowner, called Dr. Energy Saver for some attic repair. Steve's home needed some extra attention in the attic, to help reduce energy spending. To repair Steve's attic, we air sealed and insulated using a combination of cellulose, rigid foam board, and expandable foam.

We also installed a stair hatch cover, so conditioned air won't leak though the hatch! Now Steve's attic is all fixed and insulated! 

Reducing Ice Dams in Belmont, MA

Juliet, a Belmont MA homeowner, had ice dam damage on her home. Hoping to avoid future damage, Juliet called Dr. Energy Saver. After completing a FREE energy audit for Juliet, we discovered the cause of her ice dam problems.

For Juliet, we wrapped her chimney in Rockwool because we noticed heat was escaping through the brick. We also removed a few windows and replaced them with double pane energy efficient windows. And, last but not least, we used closed cell spray foam to completely encapsulate the attic. Now, Juliet's attic is sealed, heat will not escape through the roof and her ice dams issue will be reduced.

Reducing Rodents in Chelmsford, MA

Leslie, a Chelmsford MA homeowner, called Dr. Energy Saver with a very clear idea of what she needed. Leslie has a sun room with no foundation. What little insulation the room had was falling apart due to moisture from the ground and rodent activity. Rodents are attracted to fiberglass insulation and they enjoy nesting in the material. To fix Leslie's insulation and critter problem, we used spray foam to insulate her sun room. Now Leslie's room is critter free! If you have a situation like Leslie's, give us a call today!


Back for More in Billerica, MA

Part of the reason so many homeowners choose Dr. Energy Saver is because they can choose what work to do and when. Because our process involves a whole house energy evaluation, we can determine everything that needs to be fixed. BUT that does not mean home owners must do everything at once! Many homeowners choose to update their home in stages, focusing on one area at a time. This strategy could eliminate the need for financing and help homeowners see returns on their investments before committing to additional work. One of our clients, Jennifer, did exactly that. Jennifer's most recent request was to make her floors warmer in the winter. To solve this particular issue, we insulated rim joists with spray foam, effectively stopping air flow from the basement to the 1st floor. Now Jennifer's floors are warmer and she didn't need a loan to do it!

Rental Property Spray Foam in Arlington, MA

Christine owns a two family income property in Arlington, MA. She rents the property out, but she's still responsible for paying the heating bill because the property's heat is not divided. Christine was very motivated to have her property insulated because she had no control over the thermostat. Her energy bills got higher and higher and she needed to do something to help get them more manageable. Something Christine did have control over? The property's insulation. Christine called Dr. Energy Saver with hopes of saving money. After evaluating the property, we determined that the best way to insulate Christine's income property was through spray foam insulation. We used 5 inch thick spray foam to insure that Christine's property was as energy efficient as possible. Now her income property will be generating more income and using less energy!

Basement Spray Foam in Melrose, MA

Most homeowners we work with desperately need work done in their attic. The attic is usually the best place to start making serious insulation overhauls. But occasionally we find homeowners whose attics are in great shape! Jacob's Melrose home actually needed work in the basement. In this home, cold air was coming up from the basement and creating chilly drafts throughout the house. To fix the issue, Dr. Energy Saver used a combination of great materials. We used the CleanSpace liner to protect the basement from outside moisture. Next we used spray foam to insulate the basement. Now this Melrose home is much warmer! Jacob is saving money on energy and enjoying his comfortable home.

Ice Dams in Newton, MA

Lorna, a Newton, MA homeowner, contacted us after exhausting all her other options. Two years ago, Lorna's home had horrible ice dams, her home incurred significant damage. In an attempt to fix the issue, Lorna had her roof replaced. Lorna thought that the new roof would provide enough air sealing to prevent the ice dams. It didn't work. Last year, Lorna's home was again overwhelmed by ice dams. Lorna wasn't sure what to do.

After doing a bit of research, she called Dr. Energy Saver. Ice dams often form because a home is not air sealed and insulated well. To reduce Lorna's ice dams, we first worked on air sealing her home. We wrapped her chimney in rockwool and installed a scuttle hatch cover. Next we used a combination of cellulose and rigid foam board to insulate the attic. An insulated attic helps to prevent a home's warm air from escaping through the roof, melting snow, and creating ice dams. Lorna can now look forward to a warmer winter and reduced ice dams! 

Upgrading Insulation in Tewksbury, MA

Kyle, a Tewksbury homeowner, was ready for an upgrade. Every homeowner knows that routine maintenance is essential to living in a comfortable space. Sometimes though, we forget what we cannot see. It's easy to notice when your walls need a fresh coat of paint, but not so noticeable when insulation is failing... it can take years for homeowners to realize that it isn't just the cost of energy rising, but also their insulation degrading, contributing to high energy costs. Kyle, though, knew he needed to upgrade his insulation. At first Kyle thought he wanted spray foam. Many homeowners like spray foam because it dries hard and looks clean. We like spray foam too! But sometimes another material might work better. Cellulose, for example, was the best fit for Kyle's attic. To upgrade Kyle's insulation we blew in cellulose to a level of R60, ensuring his home will stay very warm this winter and very cool next summer. 

A More Comfortable Home in Reading, MA

Our client, in Reading, MA, called us because he wanted a warmer basement and a more comfortable home. I think most of us can say that we'd love a more comfortable home, especially in the winter when we spend so much time indoors! To create a more comfortable space for Grant, we focused on the two places homes lose the most energy- the basement and the attic. For his attic, we air sealed and covered can lights and the stair hatch. We used blown in cellulose to insulate to R60. For the basement we used spray foam insulation to both air seal and insulate the space. Spray foam is great for basements because it dries hard and resists moisture, unlike other forms of insulation. 

Whole House Insulation in Pepperell, MA

Joe was building a home in Pepperell. He had researched a variety of different types of insulation. For his new home, Joe wanted to use closed cell spray foam for insulation. We usually work with homeowners who need a more comfortable home, it was a fun change of pace to work with a homeowner building his own space. To insulate Joe's Pepperell home, we installed spray foam throughout the whole house. Now Joe can be sure his new home will be both energy efficient and warm.

New Windows in Concord, MA

We often tell homeowners that new windows are usually not the most cost effective solution to energy problems. BUT sometimes new windows ARE the best thing for a home. Our Concord client, Roger, lives in a very well insulated home. His windows however, were not great. Window technology changes fairly quickly, so if you haven't updated windows in the last 10 years, you might be losing money in energy. For Roger, we replaced the windows that needed replacing. Now his home is super energy efficient! 

Drafts in Dracut, MA

Skylights are a wonderful way to add light to your home. Skylights brighten dark rooms and add much needed sunlight to short winter days. But when skylights aren't properly installed, they create huge problems for homeowners.  Our client, a Dracut MA homeowner, had issues with her skylight. Her condo association replaced the skylight but did not properly insulate around the replacement window. It was so bad that our client had to wear her winter coat in her bedroom. We were happy to solve this problem. To help this Dracut homeowner, we installed rigid foam board along the roof line and used spray foam to further seal and insulate. Now this Dracut home is cozy and warm!

Attic Insulation in Wakefield, MA

Our clients in Wakefield, MA, heard that this winter's weather prediction was cold and miserable. When they had their home evaluated last year for energy efficiency, they decided to do the work in order of priority. That meant that this year, they planned to work on their attic. To insulate their attic, we used closed cell spray foam to create a thermal barrier between the cold outside and the warm inside. Now, our Wakefield clients are one step closer to having a perfectly insulated and energy- efficient home.

Heating Upstairs in Newton, MA

Insulation does not last forever. And technologies change pretty quickly. Your home's kitchen and bathroom need updating every 20 years—so does your insulation. Our client, a homeowner in Newton MA, thought that his insulation had settled. The wall was much colder at the ceiling than at the floor. What was really happening? His attic was not properly sealed and insulated—it was chilling the rest of the house. To make this home warmer, we removed the existing attic insulation since it wasn't working. Next, we used spray foam to both air seal and insulate the space. Now that the attic is insulated, our Newton client has a warm upstairs!

A Super Attic in Wakefield, MA

Philip, a Wakefield, MA homeowner, contacted Dr. Energy Saver knowing exactly what he wanted. Philip had done his research and believed that his home needed the Dr. Energy Saver SuperAttic System. After assessing his home, we agreed! To make Philip's home warmer and more energy efficient, we air sealed and insulated his attic using the SuperAttic system. This system involves the application of rigid foam board- and it completely insulates the attic space. Now Philip is happy and warm with his super attic!

A Lengthy To Do List in Lexington, MA

Dr. Energy Saver can fix a lot of problems. One of our clients, a Lexington, MA homeowner, reached out with a variety of needs. She wanted to make her home's addition warmer, to get rid of her attic rodents, and reduce her utility bills. To accomplish these tasks, we started by removing her old insulation. The insulation wasn't working, it was just taking up space. Next, we air sealed and insulated the attic using cellulose insulation. Cellulose is rodent resistant and the perfect insulation choice for an attic full of mice. To reduce the utility bills, we encapsulated duct work in spray foam and wrapped the chimney in rockwool. Lastly, to make the addition warmer, we used spray foam to air seal the spaces around the rim joists. With rim joist insulation, cold air stays in the basement. Our Lexington client is happy—we completed her to do list!

Making the 1st Floor Warmer in Waltham, MA

Our client, a Waltham homeowner, wanted her home to be warmer. Particularly, her first floor. Often, when clients have cold first floors, we need to insulate the basement or crawlspace. The basement is usually the source of cold floors and cold air. In this particular case, though, we actually found the most need in the walls. Our client's walls were not properly insulated. We fixed the situation by installing closed cell spray foam into the walls. This non invasive insulation method allows us to insulate homes without ripping down walls. We simply drill into the exterior and spray spray spray! Now our client's 1st floor is warm and comfortable!

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