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Before and After Pictures from Hillsborough County
Goodbye Fiberglass in Goffstown, NH

Goodbye Fiberglass in Goffstown, NH

Before After
Goodbye Fiberglass in Goffstown, NH Goodbye Fiberglass in Goffstown, NH

Nancy, a Goffstown, NH homeowner, found us at the NH State Home Show.  She wanted her home to be warmer in the winter and knew we could help. Joe Marino was able to find the perfect solution for Nancy. By replacing the old fiberglass with cellulose, Dr. Energy Saver added R value and made Nancy's home warmer.

Hillsborough Home Energy Audit & Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

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Spray Foam Insulation & Window Replacement Company in Hillsborough

Dr. Energy Saver, A Blackdog Affiliate is an authorized dealer of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network of the best energy-conservation contractors across the country. We are not just a contractor company, we specialize in helping you understand your home's current energy efficiency, suggest repairs, and we also do the work! You'll receive the maximum energy and cost-saving results with least amount of hassle.

Spray foam, Attic, Crawl Space, & Blow in Insulation in Hillsborough.

We offer FREE estimates for the following services:

  • Complete Home Energy Audit
  • Insulation-spray foam, cellulose-blown-in in & more!
  • Crawl Space Repair
  • Replacement Windows
  • Sealing Air Leaks
  • Radiant Barrier Installation
  • Air Duct Sealing
  • Attic Insulation / Basement Insulation / Crawl Space Insulation

Get your FREE, no-obligation services estimate in Hillsborough, New Hampshire, you'll also receive a free copy of "Saving Energy and Money at Home," a great book to use as you begin to create a more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home!

Case Studies From Hillsborough County
Nancy had a few issues with her home. In the winter, her house was cold. In the spring, her basement was really humid. Nancy worried about the...
Sean bought a duplex in Wilton, NH. His plan was to completely gut the property, renovate, and rent it out. After gutting everything, Sean realized...
Job Stories From Hillsborough County, NH
A Cape in Nashua, NH

We met Nashua homeowners Janice and Roger at a home show in Manchester, NH. Roger was worried about ice dams and Janice just wanted a warmer basement and 1st floor. the couple loved their cute Cape Cod style home, but wanted to feel more comfortable in the winter.


Dr. Energy Saver Northshore has a specfic solution for Cape style homes. We air seal the roof and use both foam and cellulose insulation in the attic. This combination proves to be particularly effective for this style of house. After working on the top of the house, we headed down to the basement to spray foam. This combination both reduced ice dams and made the home warmer. 

New in Nashua, NH

Bob was in the process of purchasing a little ranch home in Nashua, NH. He met with the home inspector, and was surprised to get some really great advice. Even though the home passed inspection, the inspector encouraged Bob to get more attic insulation, he worried that the home would hemorrhage heat in the winter and lose cool air in the summer. 


We checked out Bob's home and agreed with that inspector! But we didn't only add insulation to the attic, we also installed a hatch cover and extended his bathroom fan to seal up all the places air can escape. Bob could have easily gone to the local hardware store, bought pink fiberglass insulation, and rolled it out... but that wouldn't have solved his issues. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore thoroughly insulated Bob's home. 



Covered Skylight in Merrimack, NH

Skylights are beautiful! Especially in New England, it can be so amazing to have light in your home during dark winter months. We love it when skylights don't function properly and leak melted snow into our houses! Just kidding, we don't.

Skylights are, more often than not, super frustrating and terrible. Many homeowners choose to cover their skylights. One Merrimack, NH homeowner covered his skylight... and was STILL having problems. William called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore to help the skylight damage. We insulated around the skylight using a combination of foam board and spray foam insulation. To help with other home issues, we also wrapped his chimney in rockwool, installed a hatch cover, and covered the attic floor in cellulose. Now William has an insulated home and the memory of his skylight no longer haunts him.  

Working in the Attic in Merrimack, NH

Larry had just purchased his Merrimack, NH home when he called us. The home inspector recommended that he look into insulating his attic. The house had fiberlass insulation that wasn't in too bad shape. To help Larry, Dr. Energy Saver Northshore pulled back the fiberglass insulation and air sealed the spaces behind it with expanding spray foam. Next, Dr. Energy Saver Northshore blew in cellulose insulation to the US Department of Energy's recommended R60. Lastly, we covered the scuttle hatch. Now Larry has a properly insulated home he can feel good about. 

Sealing the Holes in Pelham, NH

When Cheryl called us, she knew she needed help. Cheryl had been using her attic for storage, but she'd been ignoring a big problem- there was a huge hole next to her chimney! Cheryl looked at that hole once every few months but, like most of us, had other priorities. Last winter, Cheryl had big energy bills and big drafts. She knew she had to make her attic a priority. 

Cheryl called Dr. Energy Saver and we helped! We sealed all the holes in Cheryl's attic, both big and small. We wrapped her chimney in Rockwool and we insulated everything with blown in cellulose. Now Cheryl's attic is warmer and all sealed up!

Preventing Future Damage in Milford, NH

Mike had been living in his Milford, NH, home for several years before he called Dr. Energy Saver. Mike experienced severe ice dams. A few years ago, Mike even sustained water damage from the dams. Mike tried a variety of things, before deciding he had to call us. 

Dr. Energy Saver assessed Mike's home and found the cause of the dams. To reduce his ice dams, we sealed rim joists with spray foam, sealed and insulated his attic with cellulose, and insulated the knee wall with rigid foam.

Now Mike's home is properly insulated, and proper insulation is the only way to really reduce ice dams. Get in touch with us if you've got an ice dam problem too!

A Warmer Bedroom in Merrimack, NH

Brian called Dr. Energy Saver about one thing- to fix his cold bedroom. We assessed Brian's Merrimack NH home and found a variety of issues. His bedroom was too cold but there were a few other things in Brian's home that were costing him in energy bills. 

For Brian's bedroom, which is located above the garage, we insulated the spaces between the garage and the bedroom, ensuring that the garage cold will not make Brain's bedroom floor cold. Nobody likes cold feet! We also found a few problems with the attic, so we air sealed and insulated the space using both cellulose and spray foam

If you have a chilly bedroom, or if you know someone who does, get in touch with us for a free home assessment!

Attic Access in Goffstown, NH

Insulation is not just about R value. One Goffstown, NH homeowner called Dr. Energy Saver for an energy assessment because her home was far too cold and damp in the winter. We determined that she needed attic insulation. But the homeowner was using her attic as storage and did not want to lose that valuable space. 

Luckily, we had a solution. Dr. Energy Saver utilizes the best insulation for each project. For this Goffstown home, we used SilverGlo insulation, a rigid foam board ideal for homeowners hoping to get the most out of their space.

if you have questions about what insulation might work in your home, get in touch with Dr. Energy Saver today.

Warm Clothes in Merrimack, NH

If you've ever had to get dressed with clothes pulled from a cold closet, you know how chilling it can be. Our client, in Merrimack, NH, had a freezing cold closet in his master bedroom. Not only was the closet turning his clothes into fabric ice packs, it was also creating a draft in the bedroom. Our client wasn't sure how to fix the issue, so he called us!

We wanted to be sure to find the root of the cold closet problem, so we used thermal imaging (a part of our home energy audit) to find out where the cold was coming from. In this case, the cold was coming from both above and below! To fix the issue, we sealed the attic with SilverGlo foam board and insulated the garage ceiling with TruSoft cellulose. 

Now our Merrimack, NH client has a warm closet, warm clothes and a draft free bedroom! 

More than New Windows in Bedford, NH

Marc, a Bedford NH homeowner, contacted Dr. Energy Saver about a year and a half ago. He was thinking about making his home warmer with new windows and new insulation. Marc first wanted to focus on his windows, to see what that might do for his home. Many homeowners think that replacing windows and doors will solve their problems, but interestingly, windows and doors are usually not the most cost effective way to keep a home warm. Windows and doors are really expensive compared to cellulose! In Marc's case, the new windows helped quite a bit, but he decided he needed new insulation as well. To help Marc, Dr. Energy Saver air sealed and insulated his attic. We used a combination of spray foam and cellulose to make sure all the spaces were covered. Now Marc's home is more energy efficient! 

Preventing Pests in Brookline, NH

Lindsay, a Brookline NH homeowner, had some issues with her attic. Lindsay's attic was insulated with fiberglass, the most common insulation product. Fiberglass insulation is not great. It isn't a great insulator AND bugs and rodents like living in it. Unfortunately, Lindsay had to deal with both fiberglass issues. Her home was cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and she was experiencing pest problems. 

Lindsay called Dr. Energy Saver. She knew she needed her old insulation removed, but she wasn't sure what to replace it with. After an energy audit, we determined that a combination of cellulose and foam board would allow Lindsay to use her attic for storage and keep the area properly insulated. Added bonus? Cellulose and foam board do not attract pests! Now Lindsay has reduced energy bills and a pest free attic. 

Reducing Ice Dams in Manchester, NH

Lynn, a Manchester NH homeowner, contacted Dr. Energy Saver last year about spray foam. Lynn was experiencing ice dams on her home and knew she needed to do something to fix the issue. Lynn was also in the process of renovating her house, so it was the perfect time to add additional insulation. It took some time for us to find the right time to see Lynn because she had a lot of construction going on! Luckily, both Lynn and the Dr. Energy Saver team were persistent, and we finally found the time to insulate her home. Now Lynn can expect to have significantly reduced ice dams this winter!

A Chilly Sunroom in Bedford, NH

Shelley, a Bedford NH homeowner, loves her sun room. Especially in the colder months, having a warm sunny place can really lift a person's mood. The only problem with this sun room? It wasn't warm in the winter.  In fact, it was so cold that the pipes under the room were freezing every winter. 

To fix Shelley's sun room, Dr. Energy Saver Northshore removed the existing insulation that wasn't working. After the ineffective insulation was removed, we sprayed closed cell foam to insulate the space properly. Now Shelley's sun room is warm and cozy all year round!

Improving Energy Efficiency in Hudson, NH

Claudia, a Hudson NH homeowner, was frustrated with her home. She was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Claudia called Dr. Energy Saver, hoping to figure out what to do with her uncomfortable home. After an energy audit, we determined that Claudia's home needed a few things.

First, we needed to air seal and insulate the attic. This is almost always the starting point with Dr. Energy Saver, attics are the priority! After working on the attic, we dense packed the walls with blown in cellulose. Lastly, for a finishing touch, we vented the duct fans to the exterior. Now, Claudia's home is warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

Warming an older home in Amherst, NH

Dan owns an older home in Amherst, NH. Some older homes have been renovated to keep up with today's energy standards, but others have not. Dan owned a home that hadn't really been updated in many years. Dan's home was cold in the winter,  he spent too much on heat, and he had significant ice dams built up along his roof. Dan wasn't sure where to start with his insulation project, so he called Dr. Energy Saver. For Dan, we recommended a variety of solutions. We removed and covered the space where the whole house fan was located, effectively sealing that space and ensuring leakage is minimized. We then air sealed and insulated the space with cellulose insulation made from recycled newspapers! Now Dan's home is energy efficient and much warmer!

Mold Removal and Mold Prevention in Weare, NH

An improperly insulated home is uncomfortable. It can also be dangerous. If your home isn't insulated correctly, you could be experiencing problems with critters and mold. Jim, a Weare homeowner, contacted Dr. Energy Saver because he was struggling with mold in his attic. Mold grows where moisture gets trapped. It is incredibly important for attics to be ventilated. Ventilated attics prevent mold from growing because they allow moisture to escape. To give Jim a ventilated and insulated attic, we first removed all the mold. Next we used spray foam to insulate the space, allowing for ventilation. Now Jim has an attic he doesn't have to worry about.

More Energy Efficient in Hudson, NH

Thomas owns a home in Hudson, NH. He was experiencing very high energy bills all year long. In the summer, he would need to turn up the AC. In the winter, the heat was always running. Thomas called Dr. Energy saver hoping to save some money and make his home more comfortable. After an energy evaluation, we determined that Thomas was in need of both air sealing and insulation. We focused on his attic and basement using a variety of insulation products. After spray foam, rigid foam board, and cellulose insulation were installed, Thomas' home is more comfortable. And he can expect to save big on his energy bills!

Energy Audits in Merrimack, MA

Judith, a Merrimack MA homeowner, contacted Dr. Energy Saver a few months ago. Judith has lived in her home around 50 years and she was wondering if there was something she could do to save money on her energy bills. Since materials have changed so much in 50 years, she wanted an energy audit to determine what improvements she could make to her home. We love it when people ask for energy audits because it really is the best way to determine where a home is losing energy. For Judith, we determined that the best place to start was her attic. To update Judith's attic, we first covered her stair hatch. Next we vented her bath fan to the outside of the house, instead of just to the attic. Lastly we air sealed and insulated using a combination of cellulose and rigid foam board. Now Judith's home is warmer and more energy efficient!

Reducing Frozen Pipes in Bedford, NH

Michael, a Bedford homeowner, reached out to Dr. Energy Saver because he was frustrated. Michael was experiencing a cold, drafty, and uncomfortable home. To help with the heat loss, Michael replaced his windows and doors. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. He called us hoping that we could fix his energy problems and make his home more comfortable. For Michael's Bedford home, we recommended an Energy Evaluation, to scientifically find the places in his home where he was losing valuable energy and heat. After our evaluation, we knew exactly what to do. To fix Michael's uncomfortable home, we used cellulose in both the attic and the cathedral ceiling. We also used rigid foam board to insulate the kneewall. Now Michael's home is warmer and more energy efficient. 

Making Floors Warmer in Bedford, NH

In my opinion, the only thing worse than a drafty house, is a house with cold floors. Sheepskin slippers are cozy and amazing, but you never want to feel like you NEED them to be warm. Mark, a Bedford NH homeowner, wanted warmer floors. Cold floors can be caused by a variety of things—lack of insulation in a garage ceiling, insufficient crawl space insulation, or improper basement insulation. In Mark's case, his floors were cold because his crawl space insulation was severely degraded. If there isn't a moisture barrier between insulation and the ground, over time, your insulation is going to melt. To warm up this Bedford home's floors, we first removed the old and ineffective insulation. We then created a moisture barrier between the ground and insulation. With a combination of our TerraBlock floor insulation and our Sliverglo foam board, the space is now thoroughly insulated with materials that won't degrade from ground moisture. 

Reducing Ice Dams in a Cape

Cape style homes can be really cute! They have great curb appeal and they're never short on charm. Cape roofs... can be a bit challenging. Our client, a Pelham, NH homeowner, had a roof covered in ice dams. He called Dr. Energy Saver hoping to reduce these harmful winter icicles. Since we know exactly how to work with different styles of homes, we knew how to fix this cape. To reduce ice dams in Pelham, we focused on insulating the cape style roof. We removed existing insulation and used a combination of rigid foam boards and cellulose to completely air seal and insulate the attic. Now this Pelham home is warmer, more energy efficient, and will have significantly less ice damming.  

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