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Dr. Energy Saver, A Blackdog Affiliate serving Essex County, MA

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Spray Foam Insulation & Window Replacement Company in Essex

Dr. Energy Saver, A Blackdog Affiliate is an authorized dealer of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network of the best energy-conservation contractors across the country. We are not just a contractor company, we specialize in helping you understand your home's current energy efficiency, suggest repairs, and we also do the work! You'll receive the maximum energy and cost-saving results with least amount of hassle.

Spray foam, Attic, Crawl Space, & Blow in Insulation in Essex.

We offer FREE estimates for the following services:

  • Complete Home Energy Audit
  • Insulation-spray foam, cellulose-blown-in in & more!
  • Crawl Space Repair
  • Replacement Windows
  • Sealing Air Leaks
  • Radiant Barrier Installation
  • Air Duct Sealing
  • Attic Insulation / Basement Insulation / Crawl Space Insulation

Get your FREE, no-obligation services estimate in Essex, Massachusetts, you'll also receive a free copy of "Saving Energy and Money at Home," a great book to use as you begin to create a more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home!

Job Stories From Essex County, MA
An Old Farmhouse Gets An Energy Update in Georgetown

Bill H. came to Doctor Energy Saver about a year ago with a drafty old farmhouse that had a history of ice dams. It was in desperate need of an upgrade! He had had some other unsatisfactory insulation work done on his house, but he trusted us to perform the work based on our thoroughness and understanding of air movement and heat exchange. We were sure that we were the right company for this job.

We sent Richard, one of our salesmen, out to meet with Bill and assess the situation. A few months after our original assessment of Bill's home, he called us back up and said he wanted us to proceed with the project.

We went to work densely packing a tight attic space with cellulose and we used spray foam to insulate two knee-wall spaces (a knee wall is a wall that usually encloses the 'useful' part of the attic space). Now the house is much less drafty and will be protected from future ice dams!

Ice Dam Prevention in Middleton, MA

A homeowner from Middleton, MA contacted us this winter with serious ice dam concerns. She had already contacted other companies who had 'bid' against us, but eventually chose us because she could see that the other companies were lacking in expertise and understanding of the energy efficiency industry. Doctor Energy Saver had every detail covered.

We went to work blowing in a 16-inch thick layer of cellulose insulation that protected her attic from those nasty ice dams. This thick layer of insulation will keep the attic safe from any future harsh New England winters.


A New Super Attic in Topsfield, MA

Dave's charming Topsfield home had been absolutely devastated by ice dams last winter. The water damage in his home was so bad that he actually couldn't live in it! The only thing that could save his house at this point was a SuperAttic Insulation System. 

SuperAttic is a special way to insulate your house using SilverGlo technology to optimize energy efficiency. SilverGlo insulation panels are rigid foam panels that create a continuous barrier to protect against energy loss. They also include integral radiant barriers to further reduce heating and cooling costs. SuperAttic system also insulates without compromising basement storage space!

Now Dave's house is safe from ice dams, and more energy efficient than ever before!

Green Brothers in Gloucester, MA

Chris C. and Cliff C. are two brothers who live next door to one another in a condo complex in Gloucester, MA. All the condos in the complex have had ice dam problems, so all the homeowners got together and decided they would each hire different home insulation companies to see which one was the best. Three to four condos had already tried different companies, with little to no luck, before Chris called us up. 

We sent our sales person, Joe, over to the condos to take a look and after confirming their ice dam problem, we got right to work. At first we insulated only Chris' attic. His heating costs were cut by over 50% in comparison to the last winter! After this shocking decrease to his energy bill, he called us back and had us insulate his crawl space as well.

His brother Cliff was so impressed with the results of our work that he ordered the same job done on his identical condo. We fully expect other members of the condo complex to reach out to us shortly. Hopefully we will be able to fix even more uncomfortable homes! 

Green Brothers in Gloucester, MA - Photo 1
In-Law Apartment in North Andover, MA

This particular client in North Andover, MA contacted our team to find out why their in-law apartment was always so cold in the winter. When our guys entered the wall they found a water pipe running into the attic. This was completely unexpected and the family would never know without the help of our team inspecting the area!  Our team sealed all the rim joists and air sealed and insulated the attic over a portion of the mother-in-law’s area with cellulose and spray foam insulation. This apartment will now be a much cozier living space this winter. If you have uncomfortable rooms in your home, call Dr. Energy Saver today for a free in home evaluation!

In-Law Apartment in North Andover, MA - Photo 1In-Law Apartment in North Andover, MA - Photo 2In-Law Apartment in North Andover, MA - Photo 3In-Law Apartment in North Andover, MA - Photo 4
Ice Dam Issues in Lawrence, MA

This client in Lawrence, MA suffered from severe ice dams and high energy costs. He’s lived in his house for a long time and has never updated the insulation. Using the Thermal Camera and blower door test our Building Analyst was able to prove that this client had significant heat loss into his attic contributing to his ice dams and high energy costs.

Our team went to work air sealing and insulating the attic with cellulose insulation. They also found a large gap around the chimney going up into his attic that they were able to seal.

This client chose Dr. Energy Saver to solve his concerns because the diagnostics our team performed showed proof of where problems existed. Our solutions to fix each problem were exactly the right work required to accomplish the goal to reduce ice dams in winter and make the home more energy efficient year round. If you want to reduce your high energy costs and reduce the cost of home ownership, call Dr. Energy Saver today to schedule a free in home energy audit. 

Ice Dam Issues in Lawrence, MA - Photo 1Ice Dam Issues in Lawrence, MA - Photo 2Ice Dam Issues in Lawrence, MA - Photo 3
Noisy Critters in Haverhill, MA

This client in Haverhill, MA had a porch that had been converted into a permanent sunroom. The sunroom was always very cold in the winter and there were noisy “critters” that lived underneath in the crawl space. After inspecting the area, our team removed the old insulation and used our patented Clean Space solution to transform this crawl space into a clean, dry foundation. They also built a wall at one end of the crawl space to help seal the area.

After completing the job we followed up with this client to make sure he was satisfied with our work. He mentioned that he was happy with the job but he was curious why he was still hearing critters underneath the sunroom. We sent one of our guys to check it out that same day and he found squirrels trying to get inside the area that we closed off! Apparently when we removed the insulation inside the crawl space we also removed dozens of acorns being stored there. The critters will have to find a new home now that this crawl space is clean and closed off.

Call Dr. Energy Saver today for a free crawl space inspection and free estimate

Noisy Critters in Haverhill, MA - Photo 1
No More Cold Floors in Ipswich, MA

This client bought a home from his parents in Ipswich, MA. He knew prior to living there that the floors were cold. He called Dr. Energy Saver requesting spray foam insulation of his crawl space ceiling. Our Building Analyst Joe M. inspected the area and realized the crawl space consisted of a dirt floor and therefore the best solution would be to encapsulate the walls and the floor instead of spray foaming the ceiling. The client was very pleased that we took the time to evaluate his home and explain the different solutions. If you have cold floors over a crawl space, call Dr. Energy Saver to set up a free in home evaluation and find out how you can be comfortable in your home all year long.

Window Replacement in North Andover, MA

This Victorian home in North Andover needed new windows. The homeowner called and explained that her living room, where she spends most of her time was drafty and cold. After our Building Analyst Joe M. inspected the area he realized the living room was above a crawl space and using his Thermal Imaging camera he determined that the home had cold floors. The team installed the new windows in the living room, replaced 7 basement windows, and insulated the crawl space and rim joist with spray foam insulation. The homeowner is very pleased with our thorough inspection and our solutions to keep her warm this winter. If you are experiencing cold, drafty rooms call Dr. Energy Saver to set up a free in home evaluation and find out how you can be comfortable in your home all year long!

Window Replacement & More in Danvers, MA

This customer lives near a river in Danvers, MA where it is very windy. Last winter their home was freezing and instead of suffering again they called Dr. Energy Saver to solve the problem. They originally requested a replacement window, but when our Building Analyst Joe K. inspected the home and performed an in home energy-audit, he realized the home needed insulation in the attic and basement as well. Our team air-sealed and insulated the attic including a utility chase that ran from the basement to the attic, and used to pour cold air directly into the kitchen. In the basement we sealed the rim joists, weatherized the Bilco opening and installed a Sanidry Dehumidification System that will keep the basement dry and free from the mold and mildew that used to affect the living space above. We also replaced the window in the Living Room. Joe made a great connection with the family, going above and beyond what they asked for to ensure they live comfortably year round. He even made a connection with their dog, becoming the first stranger to ever hold him!  If you have drafty, cold rooms in your home call Dr. Energy Saver to set up a free in home evaluation and find out how you can be living comfortably all year long!

Window Replacement & More in Danvers, MA - Photo 1
Clean Space in Wenham, MA

This client from Wenham, MA had a crawl space infested with critters next to their finished basement. Our team installed our Clean Space system which solves all the problems associated with dirt-floored, unfinished crawl spaces, as well as a self-draining SaniDry™ Dehumidifier system. This critter-filled crawl space is now clean, dry and energy-efficient! If you have a dark, damp, moldy crawl space, call Dr. Energy Saver today for a no obligation free estimate. 

Preparing for Winter in Marblehead, MA

This client in Marblehead, MA called Dr. Energy Saver because she suffered from a cold bedroom and she was concerned about ice dams. Our Building Analyst Joe M. performed a home energy audit using a blower door test and he discovered that the home was losing energy in more areas than just the top floor. We quickly got to work insulating the crawl space with SilverGlo and CleanSpace lining. We also insulated the rim joist with spray foam and applied our cape style fix using cellulose and SilverGlo foam board. The client is very pleased with the work our team did and her home is now ready to take on the winter. If you are suffering from cold rooms or are concerned about ice dams this winter, call Dr. Energy Saver to schedule a home energy audit and free estimate!

Ice Dams in North Andover, MA

This home in North Andover, MA had severe water damage from previous ice dams. The homeowners originally just wanted to fix the water damage, but it was recommended that they insulate their home to prevent ice dams and future water damage issues. Our team air sealed and insulated the attic with one part expanding foam and blown-in cellulose insulation. Additionally, we built them a storage deck and installed a David-Lewis hatch cover. These homeowners are thrilled with the outcome and they plan to have our team go back and make their home even more energy efficient. If you have suffered from ice dams in the past, Dr. Energy Saver can help. Call today!

A Warm Kitchen in Andover, MA

Kitchens are one of the most used space in the house, often covered in cold tile flooring, and they're usually on the ground floor. Roman, a homeowner in Andover, MA was frustrated with his cold kitchen. He called us because he wanted a warm room to cook and entertain in. 

Dr. Energy Saver Northshore discovered the root of his problem- a poorly insulated crawl space! Instead of just adding more fiberglass insulation, Dr. Energy Saver Northshore removed the existing insulation, used spray foam to insulate rim joists, and used Silverglo and TerraBlock insulation. All this work to Roman's crawl space made for a warm kitchen and a happy homeowner! 

Ice Dams On a Big House in Manchester, NH

Cindi owns a beautiful large home in Manchester, NH. She has 6000 square feet, and half of that was covered in ice dams. Cindi knew that ice dams meant two things. First, that her home was leaking heat. And second, that the ice might eventually lead to extensive and expensive water damage. Cindi called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore hoping to fix her big ice dam issue.

We arrived to test Cindi's home. We found energy leaking everywhere! Here's how we made Cindi's home more energy efficient and how we reduced her ice dams: first, we removed much of her existing insulation, next we air sealed and insulated the attic, covered the can lights, and insulated the ducts. Taking these steps made Cindi's home warmer by keeping her warm air in the house. All that warm air was no longer escaping through the roof and Cindi's ice dam problem melted away.

A Cool Ranch in Manchester, NH

Christine lives in a L shaped ranch in Manchester, NH. Like many of us in New England, she was frustrated with how cold her home was in the winter. She was tired of constantly turning up the heat and never getting warmer. Christine was convinced her basement was the root of all her problems, and she gave us a call.

Traditional insulation businesses might just go along with what Christine asked, they might just say, "Sure you could use some basement insulation," And insulate the basement. But at Dr. Energy Saver Northshore, we investigate and find the true root of the issue. Christine's basement did need a bit of an insulation upgrade, we used spray foam to insulate the rim joists. But the basement wasn't the only thing keeping Christine's house cold. We found several issues in the attic. We sealed both the attic and chimney, covered her can lights, and installed a scuttle hatch cover.

Dr. Energy Saver Northshore fixed Christine's cool ranch, and now it's quite cozy!

Twin Trouble in Lynn, MA

Hew owns two properties in Lynn. He noticed that both houses were not energy efficient, his heating costs were high, but he didn't really see the need to take action until the pipes started freezing. This is a story we often hear. Homeowners know their house isn't quite the way it should be, but they often wait until disaster strikes before fixing the situation. We can't blame them! No one can see the future!

Anyway, Hew called us hoping to make his properties warmer and make sure his pipes wouldn't freeze again. We air sealed his attic and insulated it with dense packed cellulose to make his properties warmer, and we used spray foam to insulate the pipes. Now Hew's pipes are safe and he can save some money with his energy bills. 

Helping Laura from Lynnfield

We met Laura at a Home Show. We were overwhelemed by her story. Last winter, she had extensive damage from ice dams. She had to replace 2 ceilings and her front door wouldn't open for 2 midwinter months. Laura had fixed the damage before speaking with us, but wanted to make sure her property would be safe next winter.

Dr. Energy Saver can't entirely prevent ice dams, but we can reduce them, and greatly lower the risk of property damage. For Laura, insulating her attic properly was the most important thing we could do. We installed a combination of board, foam, and cellulose insulation. We covered the can lights, insulated the ducts, and installed a stair hatch cover. These remedies will keep Laura's heat where it belongs, inside her house, and not melting the snow on her roof. 

Halfway There in Lynn, MA

Donald, a Lynn, MA homeowner, had worked with an insulation company to make his house warmer and more energy efficient. Donald had asked the company to insulate his whole house. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. The company Donald hired, only insulated half the property, so when winter arrived, the North side of Donald's home was in trouble. Ice dams built up and the kitchen and living room floor got cold. 

Donald called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore. We added cellulose insulation to his walls, sealed the rim joist, and replaced a basement window. Now, Donald's whole house is insulated properly, not just half!

Renovations in Lawrence, MA

Jose was in the process of renovating his home. He was working his regular job at night and spending his mornings working on his property. Jose was shocked to learn that half of his kitchen was not insulated... at all. We're always amazed at the things homeowners discover when they renovate! Jose called us and we were happy to help.


Since Jose knew exactly what his home needed, we dense packed the exterior kitchen walls with insulation by removing some of the vinyl siding, drilling into the wall, and blowing in the cellulose. After the insulation was blown in, we reinstalled the siding and it looked like we'd never been there! All of Jose's hard work was still intact. 

Saving Energy in Peabody, MA

Robert was frustrated with his energy bills. After speaking with neighbors and friends, he realized he was paying significantly more than they were. He figured that the answer was in insulation, but he didn't want to rely on just anyone to lower his energy costs. 


Robert called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore, after checking out our website and realizing that we do extensive research into a home before making recommendations. After assessing Robert's home for energy efficiency, we identified quite a few issues. Here's how we solved Robert's problems: We air sealed and insulated the attic with cellulose insulation, we wrapped the chimney with Rockwool, we covered the can lights, we covered the stair hatch, and we sealed and insulated the rim joist. One aspect of this project that surprised Robert was the need to properly duct his bathroom fan.


Vents are often places builders forget, they get things to code, but don't worry about insulating. We fixed that duct and now Robert has a much more energy efficient home, he can compare his bills to his neighbors and feel proud!

A Warmer and Safer Entryway in Peabody, MA

Steve called us because he was starting to feel anxious about walking into his house. He had significant ice dams over his entryway, and his entryway was really cold! He wasn't sure how to solve the problem, so he reached out to Dr. Energy Saver Northshore.

Ice dams are not entirely preventable, but they should make you want to run past them on the way to unlocking your door. To fix Steve's massive ice dam issue we air sealed and insulated his attic, covered can lights, encapsulated the duct system, and covered the stair hatch. And to make his entryway warmer, we installed the CleanSpace crawl space liner and TerraBlock floor insulation. Now Steve has a warm and save entryway. 

Businesses Need Insulation Too

Suzanne runs her small business out of an old building. She was noticing that her energy bills were going up, but that the building wasn't getting any warmer in the winter or cooler in the summer. To fix this costly issue, Dr. Energy Saver Northshore air sealed and insulated the building's attic with TruSoft blown in cellulose to R60 and encapsulated the duct system with polyurethane spray foam. Now Suzanne's small business is more comfortable, and she's saving money on her energy bills. 

Ice Dams in Marblehead, MA

Linda moved to Marblehead, MA, a few years ago. Hailing from DC, Linda was used to the winter, but not so used to winter... in New England. Linda had never seen icicles hanging from her house, and she was worried about the damage unchecked ice dams might cause her property. Linda called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore and we figured out a solution to her icy problem. First, we removed her existing insulation, next we insulated using a combination of foam board and cellulose, last we covered her can lights and scuttle hatch. Now her attic is sealed and properly insulated. Linda's heat will stay inside the living space, and her ice dams will be reduced.

The Energy Bills Were Too Much in Manchester, NH

William purchased his Manchester home three years ago. For the first few years, William accepted his energy bills as part of owning a bigger home. His previous home was smaller and so were the energy bills. But when William spoke with other homeowners in his neighborhood, with similar sized properties, he realized he was indeed paying way too much. To make William's home more energy efficient, Dr. Energy Saver Northshore air sealed and insulated his attic, created an insulated catwalk with foam insulation, and encapsulated his duct system. Now William has an energy efficient home and he'll save money on his bills.  

New Roofs Don't Fix Ice Dams

Jeanine owns a condo in Methuen, MA. Two years ago she experienced water damage to her property. Her condo association advised her that she might need to replace her roof. So Jeanine replaced her roof. And the very next year, she had the exact same problem. Jeanine decided to do some investigation on her own, and she realized that new roofs may not solve ice dams, but that proper insulation can help. Jeanine reached out to us and we were happy to assess her situation. To fix her ice dam issue, we air sealed her attic, blew in cellulose insulation, and insulated her knee wall with foam boards. Now Jeanine has an insulated attic, and her ice dams have decreased dramatically. 

A Clean and Insulated Space in Salem, MA

We met Salem, MA homeowners Bill and Sharon at a home show. They stopped by our Dr. Energy Saver Northshore booth to discuss some of their home's energy issues. They wanted their home to be more energy efficient, and they wanted their space to look cleaner. They had seen some rodent and insect damage, and they worried about what could potentially be scurrying around in their walls. After checking out their house, we recommended that Sharon and Bill replace their basement windows, invest in our SaniDry dehumidifier, and install moisture resistant crawl space insulation. The crawl space insulation has the added benefit of being a natural pest repellent. Now Bill and Sharon have a basement that is both insulated and clean, and they don't have to worry about nasty critters in their home.  

Out with the Old and In with the New in Salem, MA

If your insulation is old, it might not be working properly. Fiberglass especially can wear out over time, it can be damaged by moisture, pests, and debris. John, a Salem MA homeowner, noticed that his current insulation didn't seem to be working effectively. John called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore and asked us to remove the damaged insulation in his attic and replace it with new. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore was happy to help. We removed and replaced John's attic insulation. And we also helped with his cold floors by insulating rim joists and utilizing spray foam insulation. 

A Unique Solution in Beverly, MA

Sara, a Beverly MA homeowner, had aluminum insulation in her older home. Since MA has partially state funded energy program, she explored that option first. This program recommended that Sara use blown in cellulose insulation in her attic. Cellulose is an incredibly effective insulation, but it is not for everyone. Sara really wanted her attic space to be usable, and hated the idea of cellulose taking over the attic. The MA energy program did not give her any alternative to cellulose, so Sara called us. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore can provide homeowners with a variety of options. If you have specific chemical allergies or just hate the idea of a certain type of insulation, we can work with you to find a solution. For Sara, we used a combination of spray foam, which dries solidly, and foam board insulation. These two types of insulation are static, they are not movable like cellulose. Sara was overjoyed to find a solution to her issue, and Dr. Energy Saver Northshore was happy to provide Sara with the energy efficient home she was seeking.

Insulation Mid-Renovation in Beverly, MA

John and Janice, of Beverly MA, were working with Blackdog Builders, the design/build remodeling division of the Blackdog businesses. Since John and Janice were already very invested in creating their dream home, they wanted to make sure that the beautiful new space was both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. A beautiful cold house, after all, is still cold. John and Janice reached out to us at Dr. Energy Saver Northshore to help make sure their remodeled home was properly insulated. For John and Janice, we dense-packed cellulose insulation into their walls and used spray foam to insulate their rim joist. John and Janice can now fully appreciate their beautiful renovation project, knowing that their home will be as comfortable and energy efficient as possible. 

Insulating a Cape in Andover, MA

Bob owns a Cape Cod style house in Andover, MA. He was noticing that he was spending way too much money on energy bills. Bob called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore, and we did an energy audit on his house. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore has specific solutions for Cape style houses, we air seal and insulate the attic, focusing on the knee wall, because it can be a huge source of leakage in this kind of home. We also insulated Bob's chimney and air ducts, to make sure that hot air was not escaping through these heating systems. Now Bob's energy costs are more affordable, and if he stays living in his house for a while, he will completely recover the cost of this project.

Renovations in Gloucester, MA

Ethan was renovating a home in Gloucester, MA, when he decided that he wanted to add spray foam insulation to make the house extra air tight. Ethan was getting quotes from several businesses that offered spray foam services, and he decided to work with Dr. Energy Saver Northshore. Though we were not the least expensive business to quote his project, he was impressed with our thorough assessment and positive references. For Ethan's house, we used spray foam to insulate rim joists and to spray behind all the plumbing. These two projects sealed up the drafty parts of Ethan's Gloucester house, creating a more comfortable home. 

Doing it right the first time, in Salem, NH

Jim was building a new home in Salem, NH. Since he had the ability to start from scratch, he wanted every detail of the property to be perfect. Perfection in home building doesn't just mean making sure the house looks nice, it means making sure the house is comfortable. Jim called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore because he wanted his house to be insulated properly, the first time around. While we have made a name for ourselves in fixing uncomfortable homes, we would never shy away from the opportunity to make sure a home is built comfortably. We helped Jim insulate his new construction so that he won't have to worry about drafty winters and too hot summers!

Reducing Allergens in Salem, NH

If you or any of your family has allergies of any kind, you know how debilitating and uncomfortable they can be. A high pollen day can turn a glorious spring afternoon into a teary sneezy nightmare. It can be incredibly important to have a home shielded from the outdoors. Jesse, a Salem NH homeowner, knew the importance of reducing allergens in his home. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore was able to help Jesse by air sealing and insulating his attic and by encapsulating his duct system with spray foam. This sealing and encapsulation protects Jesse's home from the allergens lurking outside. 

Attic Insulation in Saugus, MA

Andrew, a Saugus MA homeowner, was seeking quotes to insulate his attic. He contacted a spray foam company, a cellulose company, and Dr. Energy Saver Northshore. After speaking with us, he loved that we could offer him the best solution for his specific needs. Since we have so many tools at our disposal, we can do so much more than a business that only offers one type of insulation. For Andrew, we wrapped his chimney with rockwool and used spray foam (at various depths) to best insulate his attic. A company that only offers spray foam might not have rockwool readily available, or might not even think of rockwool as a energy saving possibility. Dr. Energy Saver finds the best solution for every home energy issue.

Getting Rid of Drafts in Saugus, MA

Paul's Saugus MA house is relatively young, in house years, it's only about 30 years old. But Paul was experiencing drafty areas- he was getting frustrated with always being cold. (Unless your house was built last year, it's likely your insulation isn't up to current building recommendations.) Paul asked us to audit his house and fix the drafts. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore made Paul's house warmer by focusing on his attic. We covered his chimney in rockwool, covered his can lights, installed a stair hatch cover, and blew in a thick layer of cellulose insulation. 

A More Comfortable Home in Danvers, MA

Debbie called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore with one request, a more comfortable home. She must have seen our slogan and liked it! Some homeowners are so frustrated with being uncomfortable, that they don't even care about heating cost anymore. Debbie was one of those homeowners, she said she didn't care about the energy cost savings, she just wanted to be warm. While we agree that warmth is important, so is energy cost savings! Debbie's biggest problem was at the back of her house, where there was high wind exposure. To help with this, we dense packed exterior walls with cellulose. We removed individual rows of her aluminum siding, drilled into the walls, and reinstalled the siding. Now Debbie's home is properly insulated, energy efficient, and COMFORTABLE! 

Fixing the Crawl Space in Haverhill, MA

Miral owns a home in Haverhill, MA. Last winter was a chilly one for Miral, so she spent some time investigating her home. Miral discovered that her crawl space looked like it hadn't been insulated in ages. The fiberglass was degraded and falling apart. Miral called Dr. Energy Saver.

We removed Miral's old fiberglass insulation and replaced it with SilverGlo foam insulation, a type of insulation that does not degrade like fiberglass. Now Miral will have a crawl space that is clean, critter resistant, and properly insulated! 

Reducing Ice Dams on a Boxford, MA Cape

Phil, a Boxford, MA homeowner, called Dr. Energy Saver to help with his ice dam problem. Phil's sweet cape style home became treacherous in the winter, accumulating scary looking and aggressive ice dams. The remedy for this ailment was straightforward- proper insulation! 

To reduce Phil's ice dams, we air sealed and insulated all the parts of Phil's attic: front slopes, rear slopes, knee wall, and main attic. We used a combination of SilverGlo foam insulation and TruSoft cellulose. This combination of insulation keeps Phil's heat inside, where it belongs, and dramatically reduces the formation of ice dams. 

Reducing Ice Dams in Rowley, MA

Pete, a Rowley MA homeowner, called us with a familiar story. Every winter, Pete's cape style house accumulated ice dams. Cape style homes can be particularly vulnerable to ice dams because there often isn't a significant amount of space between ceilings and roofs. To reduce the ice dams in Pete's cape style home, we focused on the spaces between the ceilings and roof. First, we removed the existing fiberglass insulation to make room for more effective products. Next we wrapped Pete's chimney in rockwool, making sure heat cannot escape the house through the chimney. Then we air sealed the remainder of the spaces. Air sealing is incredibly important to keeping insulation effective. Last, we used a combination of foam and cellulose to ensure that Pete's heat stays indoors and reduces ice dams.

Back for More in Amesbury, MA

One of our former clients, Joel, owns a home in Amesbury, MA. He needed some spray foam last year, and we were only too happy to assist. Joel was so happy with the work we did last year, he asked us to come back this year! Joel had us insulate his whole house, adding open cell foam to exterior walls and the basement ceiling. Now Joel's house is even warmer! Wonder what he'll need next year? We can't wait to find out!

Eliminating Mold in Ipswich, MA

David, an Ipswich MA homeowner, was struggling with mold in his home. He needed significant work done in his attic, to prevent the dampness and humidity that was causing the mold. For David, we first removed his existing fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass harbors humidity and, over time, can look like it's melted. After the fiberglass was removed, we air sealed the attic by encapsulating the duct work, covering the stair hatch, and covering can lights. Lastly, we used a combination of cellulose and foam board to insulate the space. Now David's attic should remain free from mold!

New Windows- Not Enough! In Lynn, MA

Two years ago, Joe was concerned about his home. In the winter, his home was incredibly cold and drafty. Joe was spending quite a bit of money on heat. Joe figured his windows and doors could use replacing, so he had that done. Last winter, his home was still drafty. The new windows did nothing to lower Joe's energy bills. Frustrated, Joe called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore. After an energy audit, we determined that Joe's problem wasn't windows or doors, but was instead a lack of insulation in his walls. Dr. Energy Saver was able to fix the problem, by packing the walls with cellulose insulation. 

Oftentimes a lack of insulation in the walls can masquerade as a window issue. Before spending tens of thousands of dollars on new windows and doors, call Dr. Energy Saver. You may need new windows... or you may need something else entirely.  Call today for a free estimate. 

New Construction? New Insulation! In Essex, MA

Dan, an Essex MA homeowner, had a garage and addition built into his house. Dan realized the one thing his addition was missing- insulation! To insulate his space, Dan called Dr. Energy Saver. Since we knew there was no insulation and we knew this was brand new construction, we refrained from doing an energy audit. For Dan, we used a combination of open and closed cell spray foam to insulate the walls of his new addition. Now Dan's addition will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

A Warm Bedroom in Methuen, MA

Some people love to sleep in cooler temperatures, they find that the cold air helps them sleep. Sleeping in the cold can be refreshing, but nobody likes the struggle of getting ready for work in the cold. Steve, a Methuen MA homeowner, wanted the ability to have a warm bedroom. His bedroom was always cold. While Steve liked sleeping in the chilly room, he hated waking to frigid temperatures. To help Steve, Dr. Energy Saver recommended some serious attic insulation. We air sealed and insulated Steve's attic to R 60. Now Steve can sleep in the cold, but wake up to the warmth of a properly insulated space! 

Removing Drywall and Reducing Ice Dams in North Andover, MA

Diana had to deal with ice dams every winter. She worried about incurring property damage from winter storms. Like many homeowners, Diana sought advice from her friends and neighbors. She heard about Dr. Energy Saver and she was intrigued. She loved our holistic approach to solutions and she appreciated our thorough investigation into her home's energy issues. To help reduce the ice dams over Diana's house, we removed drywall to access her attic. Once we were able to gain access, we air sealed and insulated the space with closed cell spray foam. Now Diana can look forward to a winter with greatly reduced ice dams!


The Garage and Kitchen in Haverhill, MA

Val, a Haverhill MA homeowner, has a two story detached garage. The room above the garage was always freezing in the winter and stuffy in the summer. Val called us knowing that she needed that space insulated. Even though Val knew what she wanted, she was excited to learn more about her home's energy usage with an energy audit. Our audit determined that her kitchen was in serious need of insulation too! Val agreed that her kitchen was always kind of cold. 

To help Val, we insulated the garage ceiling with closed cell spray foam. This is an effective insulator because it is capable of air sealing spaces as well as insulating them. To warm up the kitchen, we used spray foam to insulate rim joists. These rim joists act as air pathways throughout the home, insulating them stops cold air in its tracks. Now Val's home is much more comfortable, thanks to Dr. Energy Saver!

Reducing Ice Dams in Andover, MA

Even the newest homes, built to today's code, can have energy issues. An Andover, MA homeowner was experiencing serious ice dam problems. But when he contacted the state sponsored energy program, they told him he did not qualify for insulation upgrades because his property was up to code. Well, obviously in this case, code wasn't good enough. The Andover MA homeowner contacted Dr. Energy Saver hoping to find a solution to his ice dam issues. After auditing his home, we found a few ways to reduce the ice. First, we removed and covered the whole house fan, this appliance was creating drafts and allowing air to flow where it was unwelcome. Next we removed the existing insulation. It wasn't good enough and it wasn't working. Lastly, we installed closed cell spray foam to air seal and insulate the attic. Now this homeowner has a home insulated beyond and better than code. He can look forward to many winters ahead with reduced ice dams!

Fixing The Other Guy's Mistakes in Newburyport, MA

Donna, a Newburyport MA homeowner, had some state sponsored work done to her home. The state approved contractor upgraded her insulation to current code requirements. Donna felt confident in the work that was done because, like most of us, she trusted that state approved contractors must be properly vetted. And in some cases, they are! In this case, though... A few months after the work was done, Donna started to notice a nasty musty moldy smell in her attic AND basement. She realized that something wasn't right, so she called Dr. Energy Saver. When we audited Donna's house, we discovered that mold was growing because the contractor had removed all ventilation. To fix their work, we removed the insulation that they installed. After that, we treated the mold growing in the space. Next, we air sealed the spaces between the living space and the attic, NOT the attic and the outside. Lastly, we insulated the attic with cellulose. Now Donna's home is both insulated and ventilated, her space will be warm and dry for years to come. 

A Warm Bathroom in North Andover, MA

There is nothing worse than getting out of a hot shower and being greeted by a shock of cold air! Paul, a North Andover homeowner, had a chilly bathroom. His bathroom was cold and uncomfortable. Paul's condo was relatively up to date, so he wasn't sure why his bathroom was so drafty. Paul talked to one of his neighbors, who recommended us. Paul's problem had a simple solution- spray foam insulation! Spray foam insulation is a great product that has a high R value and air sealing abilities. To make Paul's bathroom warmer, we insulated the walls with closed cell spray foam. Now Paul can look forward to warmer showers!

Attic Insulation in Danvers, MA

Andrew owns a home in Danvers, MA. His family was experiencing some cold days in their home and Andrew was pretty sure that he needed to add some insulation to his attic. Andrew called Dr. Energy Saver to take advantage of our FREE energy audit.  Before committing to having work done on his home, Andrew wanted to be sure that the attic was the most important place to start. After investigating Andrew's home, we agreed that the attic was the perfect place to start. The best thing about our Energy Audit is that it provides homeowners with a plan. An audit might recommend that a homeowner start with insulating the attic, then insulating the basement, then the walls, and last new windows. Not every audit is the same, it's specific to your property. But you can choose when you'd like to do the work- it doesn't have to be done at once! Andrew chose to insulate his attic, and save the rest for later. But just one change makes a huge difference! Andrew's home is so much warmer and he's already saving money on his energy bills. 

Insulating an Antique Home in Groveland, MA

Our client recently bought an older home in Groveland, MA. The home was built in the 1890s and hadn't had particularly thorough updates. Like many older properties, parts of the house were renovated and parts of the house were not. Energy Evaluations are really important for every home, but absolutely essential for older homes. Most energy inefficiencies are hiding behind walls, ceilings, and floors. An energy evaluator can discover these issues and find specific solutions. Our client's home needed some updating. After an Energy Evaluation, we decided that spray foam was the least invasive way to insulate the property. After using spray foam to insulate, our client's home will be warm all winter!

Attic Insulation in Andover, MA

Kathleen, an Andover MA homeowner, contacted Dr. Energy Saver because she wanted better insulation in her home. Her home has a multi-level attic, a style that is particularly challenging to insulate well.

To insulate a multi-level attic, we recommend a combination of materials. For Kathleen, we used rigid foam board insulation and closed cell spray foam insulation. With these two products, Kathleen's attic is air sealed and insulated. Now Kathleen's home is much more comfortable! 

Ghosting be gone! In Peabody, MA

Ghosting, in the building world, is when dark stains appear on walls or ceilings. This is caused, over time, by condensation on cold areas. Usually, we see them on cathedral ceilings in neat rows. Jana contacted Dr. Energy Saver because she noticed ghosting in her mother's Peabody home. Jana wanted her mother to be comfortable in her home, ghosting is an indicator that a home might be inappropriately insulated and uncomfortable. To help Jana's mom, we removed the existing attic insulation, air sealed the space, and used a combination of cellulose and rigid foam board to insulate the attic to R 60. Now Jana's mom will be comfortable all winter! And she can repaint her ceilings without worrying about the ghosts coming back! 

A Warm TV Room in Rowling, MA

Unless you're a winter sports enthusiast, it's likely that you'll be spending a lot of time indoors during the winter. Many of us spend more time watching TV in the winter than in any other season. Our client, Pete, of Rowley MA, had a very cold TV room. He contacted us hoping to fix the issue. After doing an energy evaluation, we discovered the root of the issue. The crawl space beneath the TV room wasn't properly sealed and insulated. To fix this issue, we removed the existing insulation and installed our CleanSpace liner and TerraBlock insulation. These materials are designed to block the moisture that comes from the ground. Now Pete's TV room is warm for the winter!

Reducing Ice Dams in Andover, MA

Ice Dams are a pretty big New England problem. Yes, it's cold here, but it's cold in many places. There are other factors that contribute to the ice dam problem. Since the majority of New England homes are not new construction, many homes are not insulted the way they should be. Older forms of insulation (we're looking at you fiberglass) decay over time, especially when homeowners aren't diligent about upkeep. One Andover homeowner started to notice her home seemed much colder than it had in years past. And every winter, ice dams formed along her roof. Dr. Energy Saver used a combination of materials to make this homeowner's life more comfortable and to reduce ice dams. First, we air sealed the attic. To air seal the space, we wrapped the chimney in rock wool, we installed a scuttle hatch cover, and we encapsulated the ducts. Next we used a combination of rigid foam board insulation and cellulose insulation to ensure that the attic was thoroughly insulated. Now this New England homeowner will have reduced ice dams and a more comfortable home!

Replacing Insulation in Andover, MA

Sue, an Andover homeowner, replaced her roof a few years ago. She thought that the roof would keep her attic warm and dry. Unfortunately, Sue's new roof had some issues and created some water damage in the attic. The damage ruined Sue's insulation. To replace Sue's insulation, we dense packed cellulose into her cathedral ceiling and attic. Now this Andover home will be warm and cozy all winter long! 

Crawl Space Insulation in Peabody, MA

Jim, a Peabody, MA homeowner, was experiencing some uncomfortably cold floors in his home. Cold floors usually have something to do with either basement or crawl space insulation. In Jim's case, it was the crawl space. To fix Jim's cold floors, we used closed cell spray foam to create a thermal barrier between the cold ground and the warm floor. Now Jim's home is insulated properly, he saves money on heat, and his floors are nice and cozy. 

A Complete Energy Solution in Andover, MA

Kevin, an Andover, MA homeowner, loves doing his own research. Kevin felt like he was spending too much money to keep his home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. So he looked online and tried to find some solutions. In his research, Kevin found The Blower Door Test. He loved the science behind the tool and called us hoping to schedule a Blower Door Test. We told Kevin that we don't ONLY do The Blower Door Test, we test using thermal imaging and smoke pens and all kinds of exciting tools. Kevin was excited to know that we offer a comprehensive evaluation. After evaluating Kevin's home, we discovered a few places where energy efficiency could be improved. We air sealed his attic by wrapping his chimney in rockwool and covering his can lights. Next we used cellulose and foam board to insulate the space. In his basement, we used spray foam to insulate rim joists. Kevin can look forward to lower energy bills and a warmer, more comfortable, home. 

Warm Floors in Essex, MA

Our client just bought a new building. Though the building has concrete radiant heat floors, there was no insulation below the floors. Because there was no insulation, our client was spending a fortune in energy bills. Radiant heat is certainly the dream when it comes to home heating solutions. Proper insulation is the only thing that will keep that dream from becoming a nightmare. We recommended spray foam for our client. Spray foam is a wonderful insulator and it's great for crawl spaces and basements because it holds up well in damp conditions. Now our client has warm, energy efficient, floors

Renovations in Rockport, MA

Our client, a Rockport MA homeowner, contacted us because she was having some home issues. Our client was renovating her upstairs and running into some issues she wasn't sure of how to manage. Basically, her home was exceptionally humid. We see humidity issues often in coastal homes, particularly in summer months. When temperatures rise and the humidity increases, homes can become extremely uncomfortable. To help our Rockport client reduce the humidity in her home, we focused on the attic. We air sealed the space by covering can lights and the scuttle hatch and used spray foam to insulate! Now our client has a home that will fend off humidity! 

Fixing Humidity in North Andover, MA

Kathy, a North Andover homeowner, called us with concerns about humidity. She wasn't sure why, but there was moisture building up inside of her home. To help figure out the issue, we performed an energy evaluation. Kathy's home had one of the most common problems we see: an improperly vented bathroom. Bathroom fans should vent outside. If a steamy bathroom is being vented into walls, it will create moisture and humidity problems in your home. To fix Kathy's issues, we routed the bathroom air outside and used spray foam to insulate the space. Now Kathy's humidity issues are resolved! 

Warming a Colonial in Andover, MA

Colonial homes can be cold. Especially gigantic colonial homes. Our client, an Andover MA homeowner, wanted to make his large colonial home warmer. Specifically, he wanted to focus on his bedroom and bathroom, two spaces where everyone wants to feel cozy. To make this home warmer in the winter and more energy efficient year round, we focused on the attic. We air sealed the attic by installing a stair hatch cover and can light covers. We insulated with blown in cellulose. To make sure the space was even warmer, we insulated the floor between the garage ceiling and the bedroom. Now this colonial home feels as cozy as it looks! 

Insulating an Addition in Manchester, MA

At Dr. Energy Saver, we typically work on older homes (not built in the last 5 years) that need insulation upgrades. We love the investigative process of finding what isn't working and coming up with a great solution. But it can be refreshing to insulate a new space! There's something very inspiring about an unfinished space—it could be anything! One of our clients, in Manchester MA, asked us to insulate his addition. We used closed cell spray foam to completely coat the walls and rafters of his space. Our client will now have a super warm and cozy addition to his home!

New Windows in Salem, MA

Windows can be the source of really bad energy loss. An old or improperly installed window can create nasty drafts. Our client, in Salem, MA, was not happy with his windows. He tasked us with replacing them. Our windows are different than the windows a homeowner might find at a local big box store. Our Dr. Energy Saver windows are highly rated for energy efficiency and guaranteed with a warranty. We stand by our windows and our window installation. Now our Salem client has new warm windows and he couldn't be happier! 

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