Dr. Energy Saver, A Blackdog Affiliate Q&A

Do you need to insulate ductwork for air conditioning?

It is in your best interest to insulate duct work. Insulation prevents your cooled air from warming before it is released into your home.

How is spray insulation applied?

Two chemical compounds are blended together at the application nozzle, causing the expanding foam reaction.

How to dehumidify a basement?

The best way to dehumidify a basement is to use a quality dehumidifier. To prevent basement humidity, focus on air sealing and insulating your space.

What does the pound rating on spray foam mean?

The pound rating on spray foam relates to density. The higher the pound/density of the foam, the greater the R value per inch.

What is a home energy audit?

A detailed report on the condition (efficiency, safety, proper function) of all major systems: Water heater, Furnace and/or boiler, Ductwork, Insulation and air leakage levels throughout the house, Lighting, Air conditioning, Ventilation. Detailed recommendations on what improvements to make, and in what order.

What is closed cell foam?

Provides both insulation and air sealing, provided that seams between foam panels are sealed with tape. Less messy than spray foam. Different thicknesses are available to suit different application & R-value requirements. Panels are easy to cut and can be installed in any temperature. Safe handling; no harmful emissions during installation. Best installation for insulating crawl space and basement walls. Some rigid foam panels (like SilverGlo™, for example) include a radiant barrier for additional energy savings.

What is ghosting?

Ghosting in a home is when ceilings, walls, or carpets develop dark areas over time. These areas are typically uniform lines, but can also be more patchy. Ghosting occurs when moisture adheres to surfaces and attracts dust and debris over time. Ghosting is caused by poor insulation, which creates cold areas, and attracts condensation. 

What is spray foam insulation?

Provides both insulation and air sealing; air sealing is excellent because the foam expands to fill gaps and cracks. High R-value -about R-7 per in. depending on formulation. Speedy installation. Foaming can be done in a fraction of the time it takes to cut, fit, and seal rigid board insulation. Once cured, spray foam insulation stays in place; it won't shift, settle, or fall out of place.

What is the difference between open cell and closed cell insulation?

Open cell spray polyurethane foam expands about 150 times its original volume to form a semi-rigid, flexible, and non-structural plastic insulation. R-value is 3-4 per inch. Closed cell polyurethane foam expands about 35 to 50 times its original volume to form a rigid plastic insulation. The R-value of closed cell SPF is around 7 per inch.

What is the r value of 6 and 1 4 inches of closed cell insulation?

The R value of closed cell spray foam can be up to R7 per inch. Assuming the R value for this closed cell spray foam is 7, 7 x 6.25= 43.75. The R value would be 43.75.

What is the r value of spray foam insulation?

Spray foam has a high R-value -about R-7 per inch depending on formulation.

Will dehumidifier help get rid of basement smell?

A dehumidifier can help dry a damp basement. But if there is already mold growing, you may have to contact a mold removal and remediation specialist.

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