Job Stories

Job Stories

Keeping It Cool In Malden, MA
The majority of the homeowners we speak with are struggling with keeping their home warm. Sheldon, a Malden homeowner, was having the opposite problem. He could not get his house to stay cool during summer. A house that is too hot can be even more unbearable than a house that is too cold- in the wintertime, we can always throw a down comforter over our beds... but in the summer... there's no escaping the heat. Sheldon was frustrated with the heat and he knew that his HVAC sytem wasn't the problem.  Dr. Energy Saver Northshore completed an energy audit for Sheldon, we found the problems, and then we fixed them. To keep Sheldon's home cooler, we removed Sheldon's existing ineffective insulation, we air sealed and insulated his attic with cellulose, we sealed up the kitchen soffit, we insulated his catwalk, installed can light covers, and spray foamed the rim joist. It sounds like quite a lot, doesn't it!? With all this done, Sheldon has a house that stays cool!
More than New Windows in Bedford, NH
Marc, a Bedford NH homeowner, contacted Dr. Energy Saver about a year and a half ago. He was thinking about making his home warmer with new windows and new insulation. Marc first wanted to focus on his windows, to see what that might do for his home. Many homeowners think that replacing windows and doors will solve their problems, but interestingly, windows and doors are usually not the most cost effective way to keep a home warm. Windows and doors are really expensive compared to cellulose! In Marc's case, the new windows helped quite a bit, but he decided he needed new insulation as well. To help Marc, Dr. Energy Saver air sealed and insulated his attic. We used a combination of spray foam and cellulose to make sure all the spaces were covered. Now Marc's home is more energy efficient! 
A Chilly Sunroom in Bedford, NH
Shelley, a Bedford NH homeowner, loves her sun room. Especially in the colder months, having a warm sunny place can really lift a person's mood. The only problem with this sun room? It wasn't warm in the winter.  In fact, it was so cold that the pipes under the room were freezing every winter.  To fix Shelley's sun room, Dr. Energy Saver Northshore removed the existing insulation that wasn't working. After the ineffective insulation was removed, we sprayed closed cell foam to insulate the space properly. Now Shelley's sun room is warm and cozy all year round!
Reducing Frozen Pipes in Bedford, NH
Michael, a Bedford homeowner, reached out to Dr. Energy Saver because he was frustrated. Michael was experiencing a cold, drafty, and uncomfortable home. To help with the heat loss, Michael replaced his windows and doors. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. He called us hoping that we could fix his energy problems and make his home more comfortable. For Michael's Bedford home, we recommended an Energy Evaluation, to scientifically find the places in his home where he was losing valuable energy and heat. After our evaluation, we knew exactly what to do. To fix Michael's uncomfortable home, we used cellulose in both the attic and the cathedral ceiling. We also used rigid foam board to insulate the kneewall. Now Michael's home is warmer and more energy efficient. 
Making Floors Warmer in Bedford, NH
In my opinion, the only thing worse than a drafty house, is a house with cold floors. Sheepskin slippers are cozy and amazing, but you never want to feel like you NEED them to be warm. Mark, a Bedford NH homeowner, wanted warmer floors. Cold floors can be caused by a variety of things—lack of insulation in a garage ceiling, insufficient crawl space insulation, or improper basement insulation. In Mark's case, his floors were cold because his crawl space insulation was severely degraded. If there isn't a moisture barrier between insulation and the ground, over time, your insulation is going to melt. To warm up this Bedford home's floors, we first removed the old and ineffective insulation. We then created a moisture barrier between the ground and insulation. With a combination of our TerraBlock floor insulation and our Sliverglo foam board, the space is now thoroughly insulated with materials that won't degrade from ground moisture. 
An Energy Efficient Rental Property in Revere, MA
Tarun's three unit rental property was not insulated where it needed to be. At Dr. Energy Saver, we focus on the most important tasks first, knowing that a houses basement and attic is where the house loses the majority of conditioned air.  For Tarun, we started with the attic. In his property, we wrapped the chimney with Rockwool, insulated his cape style roof, and encapsulated the duct system with spray foam. These three things have not solved all of Tarun's problems (he still has to work on the basement), but it's a great start! Dr. Energy Saver Northshore can tackle huge projects over time, so that you don't have to worry about budgeting for a massive project all at once.
Hot and Cold in Revere, MA
Jean, a Revere homeowner, had two goals. He wanted the top floor of his home to be cooler in the summer and he wanted the ground floor to be warmer in the winter. This is one of the most common issues in any property, downstars is always chilly and upstairs is always too hot! But it doesn't have to be this way. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore tested Jean's home, and found some solutions for his hot and cold house. To make the upstairs cooler, we removed the existing fiberglass insulation in the attic and installed spray foam over the knee walls. This insulation switch will allow Jean to keep more of his air conditioned air in the house. To make the downstairs warmer, Dr. Energy Saver Northshore insulated Jean's garage ceiling, a place many builders forget about. We also used spray foam to seal and insulate the rim joist, where air can travel up and into the home.  Now, Jean's home is much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter!
Attic Access in Goffstown, NH
Insulation is not just about R value. One Goffstown, NH homeowner called Dr. Energy Saver for an energy assessment because her home was far too cold and damp in the winter. We determined that she needed attic insulation. But the homeowner was using her attic as storage and did not want to lose that valuable space.  Luckily, we had a solution. Dr. Energy Saver utilizes the best insulation for each project. For this Goffstown home, we used SilverGlo insulation, a rigid foam board ideal for homeowners hoping to get the most out of their space. if you have questions about what insulation might work in your home, get in touch with Dr. Energy Saver today.
Attic Insulation in Saugus, MA
Andrew, a Saugus MA homeowner, was seeking quotes to insulate his attic. He contacted a spray foam company, a cellulose company, and Dr. Energy Saver Northshore. After speaking with us, he loved that we could offer him the best solution for his specific needs. Since we have so many tools at our disposal, we can do so much more than a business that only offers one type of insulation. For Andrew, we wrapped his chimney with rockwool and used spray foam (at various depths) to best insulate his attic. A company that only offers spray foam might not have rockwool readily available, or might not even think of rockwool as a energy saving possibility. Dr. Energy Saver finds the best solution for every home energy issue.
Getting Rid of Drafts in Saugus, MA
Paul's Saugus MA house is relatively young, in house years, it's only about 30 years old. But Paul was experiencing drafty areas- he was getting frustrated with always being cold. (Unless your house was built last year, it's likely your insulation isn't up to current building recommendations.) Paul asked us to audit his house and fix the drafts. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore made Paul's house warmer by focusing on his attic. We covered his chimney in rockwool, covered his can lights, installed a stair hatch cover, and blew in a thick layer of cellulose insulation. 
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