Job Stories

Job Stories

Covered Skylight in Merrimack, NH
Skylights are beautiful! Especially in New England, it can be so amazing to have light in your home during dark winter months. We love it when skylights don't function properly and leak melted snow into our houses! Just kidding, we don't. Skylights are, more often than not, super frustrating and terrible. Many homeowners choose to cover their skylights. One Merrimack, NH homeowner covered his skylight... and was STILL having problems. William called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore to help the skylight damage. We insulated around the skylight using a combination of foam board and spray foam insulation. To help with other home issues, we also wrapped his chimney in rockwool, installed a hatch cover, and covered the attic floor in cellulose. Now William has an insulated home and the memory of his skylight no longer haunts him.  
Working in the Attic in Merrimack, NH
Larry had just purchased his Merrimack, NH home when he called us. The home inspector recommended that he look into insulating his attic. The house had fiberlass insulation that wasn't in too bad shape. To help Larry, Dr. Energy Saver Northshore pulled back the fiberglass insulation and air sealed the spaces behind it with expanding spray foam. Next, Dr. Energy Saver Northshore blew in cellulose insulation to the US Department of Energy's recommended R60. Lastly, we covered the scuttle hatch. Now Larry has a properly insulated home he can feel good about. 
A Warmer Bedroom in Merrimack, NH
Brian called Dr. Energy Saver about one thing- to fix his cold bedroom. We assessed Brian's Merrimack NH home and found a variety of issues. His bedroom was too cold but there were a few other things in Brian's home that were costing him in energy bills.  For Brian's bedroom, which is located above the garage, we insulated the spaces between the garage and the bedroom, ensuring that the garage cold will not make Brain's bedroom floor cold. Nobody likes cold feet! We also found a few problems with the attic, so we air sealed and insulated the space using both cellulose and spray foam.  If you have a chilly bedroom, or if you know someone who does, get in touch with us for a free home assessment!
Warm Clothes in Merrimack, NH
If you've ever had to get dressed with clothes pulled from a cold closet, you know how chilling it can be. Our client, in Merrimack, NH, had a freezing cold closet in his master bedroom. Not only was the closet turning his clothes into fabric ice packs, it was also creating a draft in the bedroom. Our client wasn't sure how to fix the issue, so he called us! We wanted to be sure to find the root of the cold closet problem, so we used thermal imaging (a part of our home energy audit) to find out where the cold was coming from. In this case, the cold was coming from both above and below! To fix the issue, we sealed the attic with SilverGlo foam board and insulated the garage ceiling with TruSoft cellulose.  Now our Merrimack, NH client has a warm closet, warm clothes and a draft free bedroom! 
Spray Foam in Everett, MA
Occasionally, clients will call us knowing exactly what they need. Usually people in the remodeling or building industry, these clients will have specific things they want to address, and we are more than happy to help! Thom, an Everett, MA homeowner, was one such individual. He knew the outer walls in his home needed insulation and that spray foam was the least destructive way to get that accomplished. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore can drill into the exterior wall, spray in insulation, and conceal the holes. Homeowners can insulate properly without experiencing significant disturbances in their home! Dr. Energy Saver Northshore did this for Thom's house, and now his property is insulated properly!
How to Stay Cool in Tewksbury, MA
Chuck called us with two concerns. He wanted to reduce his ice dams and keep his home cool in the summer. To reduce Chuck's ice dams, we focused on his attic insulation- we made sure that Chuck's heat remained inside the house and didn't escape through the roof. To make Chuck's home cooler in the summer, we encapsulated his duct work, this ensures that the cool air conditioned air isn't heated on it's way to his rooms.
Fixing a Condo in Tewksbury, MA
Gary owns a condo in Tewksbury, MA. He felt like he was spending far too much on heating and cooling costs. After reaching out to his condo association, Gary found out he could make any sort of attic insulation improvements he wanted. Excited about this, Gary reached out to Dr. Energy Saver Northshore for an energy audit. We found the source of Gary's high energy costs: a poorly insulated HVAC system. HVAC systems are often the culprits of some serious energy waste. When these metal ducts are not properly insulated, air is heated and cooled by the outside climate as it travels through a home's walls. To fix this problem for Gary, we air sealed and used spray foam to insulate the ducts. Now Gary's energy bills are lower and his condo is comfortable.
Upgrading Insulation in Tewksbury, MA
Kyle, a Tewksbury homeowner, was ready for an upgrade. Every homeowner knows that routine maintenance is essential to living in a comfortable space. Sometimes though, we forget what we cannot see. It's easy to notice when your walls need a fresh coat of paint, but not so noticeable when insulation is failing... it can take years for homeowners to realize that it isn't just the cost of energy rising, but also their insulation degrading, contributing to high energy costs. Kyle, though, knew he needed to upgrade his insulation. At first Kyle thought he wanted spray foam. Many homeowners like spray foam because it dries hard and looks clean. We like spray foam too! But sometimes another material might work better. Cellulose, for example, was the best fit for Kyle's attic. To upgrade Kyle's insulation we blew in cellulose to a level of R60, ensuring his home will stay very warm this winter and very cool next summer. 
Mold Removal and Mold Prevention in Weare, NH
An improperly insulated home is uncomfortable. It can also be dangerous. If your home isn't insulated correctly, you could be experiencing problems with critters and mold. Jim, a Weare homeowner, contacted Dr. Energy Saver because he was struggling with mold in his attic. Mold grows where moisture gets trapped. It is incredibly important for attics to be ventilated. Ventilated attics prevent mold from growing because they allow moisture to escape. To give Jim a ventilated and insulated attic, we first removed all the mold. Next we used spray foam to insulate the space, allowing for ventilation. Now Jim has an attic he doesn't have to worry about.
Mildew in Malden, MA
Fred had some worries about his Malden home. He was noticing a mildew smell and was concerned about the overall level of humidity in his basement. He was noticing condensation in his utility room and he worried about the potential for that expensive equipment to rust or break down from the extra moisture.  Unlike more traditional insulation or dehumidifier businesses, Dr. Energy Saver does more than one thing, so we can write and fill the exact prescription to solve a home's problems. For Fred's house, we prescribed a combination of spray foam insulation and our SaniDry Basement Air System. The combination of these two things protected Fred's basement from moisture and secured his costly utility equipment from rust. 
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