Job Stories

Job Stories

Ice Dams Be Gone! In Lexington, MA
Stephen called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore after dealing with ice dams for 5 years. For 5 years, Stephen would fight with the ice dams himself, hoping that knocking the icicles down himself would help the situation. Stephen eventually found himself doing internet searches for the root causes of these winter menaces. He found Dr. Energy Saver videos about the prevention and treatment of ice dams. Stephen was so impressed with the knowledge behind the method, he called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore to audit his house. We were able to discover where the majority of the hot air was escaping, we covered Stephen's can lights, insulated his Cape Cod style roof, and insulated his cathedral ceiling. These tactics block the majority of energy leakage and help prevent ice dams.
Warmer Floors Wanted in Lexington, MA
Isham, a Lexington MA homeowner, really wanted his floors to be warmer in the winter. He thought about adding heating elements to his home, but decided to explore insulation possibilities first. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore assessed Isham's energy situation and concluded that warmer floors were possible, with proper rim joist insulation. Isham was happy to hear that there was a less expensive solution than a heated floor. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore used spray foam to insulate and seal the rim joists in Isham's home. Now Isham has warm feet in the winter!
A Lengthy To Do List in Lexington, MA
Dr. Energy Saver can fix a lot of problems. One of our clients, a Lexington, MA homeowner, reached out with a variety of needs. She wanted to make her home's addition warmer, to get rid of her attic rodents, and reduce her utility bills. To accomplish these tasks, we started by removing her old insulation. The insulation wasn't working, it was just taking up space. Next, we air sealed and insulated the attic using cellulose insulation. Cellulose is rodent resistant and the perfect insulation choice for an attic full of mice. To reduce the utility bills, we encapsulated duct work in spray foam and wrapped the chimney in rockwool. Lastly, to make the addition warmer, we used spray foam to air seal the spaces around the rim joists. With rim joist insulation, cold air stays in the basement. Our Lexington client is happy—we completed her to do list!
The Pipes Were Frozen in Arlington, MA
Suzanne, an Arlington, MA homeowner, had the same problem every winter. Her pipes would freeze. After a state funded program gave Suzanne an extremely expensive estimate to keep her pipes in working order, she decided to seek alternate paths. Suzanne called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore, she wanted to know if we could offer her an affordable solution to her specific problem. We could! For Suzanne, we used spray foam to insulate her Rim Joists, and we replaced her inefficient basement window. These two solutions will keep the bitter cold out of her home, and help with her freezing pipes. Because our solution was so targeted, she ended up spending less than she would have with a state funded energy program!
Rental Property Spray Foam in Arlington, MA
Christine owns a two family income property in Arlington, MA. She rents the property out, but she's still responsible for paying the heating bill because the property's heat is not divided. Christine was very motivated to have her property insulated because she had no control over the thermostat. Her energy bills got higher and higher and she needed to do something to help get them more manageable. Something Christine did have control over? The property's insulation. Christine called Dr. Energy Saver with hopes of saving money. After evaluating the property, we determined that the best way to insulate Christine's income property was through spray foam insulation. We used 5 inch thick spray foam to insure that Christine's property was as energy efficient as possible. Now her income property will be generating more income and using less energy!
Warming an older home in Amherst, NH
Dan owns an older home in Amherst, NH. Some older homes have been renovated to keep up with today's energy standards, but others have not. Dan owned a home that hadn't really been updated in many years. Dan's home was cold in the winter,  he spent too much on heat, and he had significant ice dams built up along his roof. Dan wasn't sure where to start with his insulation project, so he called Dr. Energy Saver. For Dan, we recommended a variety of solutions. We removed and covered the space where the whole house fan was located, effectively sealing that space and ensuring leakage is minimized. We then air sealed and insulated the space with cellulose insulation made from recycled newspapers! Now Dan's home is energy efficient and much warmer!
From Attic to Basement in Burlington, MA
Usually, we find that the most cost effective way for us to insulate a home is to focus on attics and basements. The majority of cold air enters a home through the basement and the majority of heat escapes out through the attic. Meredith, a Burlington MA homeowner, wanted to make her home more energy efficient. We air sealed and insulated her attic with a combination of cellulose and foam board. And in the basement, we replaced her windows and used spray foam to insulate the rim joists. These affordable projects led to a warmer home for Meredith- and lower energy bills!
Preventing the Heat from Escaping in Medford, MA
Irene didn't need us to tell her why her house was so cold. She knew that her house lacked insulation, but she wasn't quite sure where she needed to add more. There can be so many hidden places for heat to escape, a home energy audit can catch all those little leaks, so that you get the best bang for your buck.  Dr. Energy Saver Northshore discovered that Irene needed insulation in a few places. We blew cellulose into her exterior walls and into her attic. These were the places Irene needed insulation the most. After insulating these two spaces, Irene's house got warmer and significantly less drafty! 
Thawed in Medford, MA
A little over a year ago, Steve's pipes kept freezing in both his bathroom and laundry room. Many homeowners occasionally experience frozen pipes. On very cold days, when temperatures dip into the negatives, there's always a bit of a risk for frozen pipes... but it should not be happening frequently. Steve called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore after deciding he'd had enough with frozen pipes. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore air sealed and insulated Steve's attic with cellulose. And from the outside of Steve's house, we dense-packed cellulose into the bathroom walls. Lastly, used closed cell spray foam to insulate the space under the laundry area. These three projects kept Steve's pipes from freezing last winter.
Too Hot, Too Cold, In Woburn, MA
Bernie found Dr. Energy Saver Northshore online, he really enjoyed the Dr. Energy Saver videos, and loved that we used science to determine home comfort and energy efficiency. Bernie asked us to audit his Woburn, MA home, he wanted to focus on making the upstairs cooler in the summer, and the kitchen floor warmer in winter. We accomplished this by insulating and air sealing his roof, and insulating under the kitchen floor with spray foam. By focusing on Bernie's specific issues, we were able to solve his problems, without wasting any time or money on things he didn't care about. Now Bernie's house is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer!
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