Job Stories

Job Stories

Whole House Insulation in Pepperell, MA
Joe was building a home in Pepperell. He had researched a variety of different types of insulation. For his new home, Joe wanted to use closed cell spray foam for insulation. We usually work with homeowners who need a more comfortable home, it was a fun change of pace to work with a homeowner building his own space. To insulate Joe's Pepperell home, we installed spray foam throughout the whole house. Now Joe can be sure his new home will be both energy efficient and warm.
Preventing Pests in Brookline, NH
Lindsay, a Brookline NH homeowner, had some issues with her attic. Lindsay's attic was insulated with fiberglass, the most common insulation product. Fiberglass insulation is not great. It isn't a great insulator AND bugs and rodents like living in it. Unfortunately, Lindsay had to deal with both fiberglass issues. Her home was cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and she was experiencing pest problems.  Lindsay called Dr. Energy Saver. She knew she needed her old insulation removed, but she wasn't sure what to replace it with. After an energy audit, we determined that a combination of cellulose and foam board would allow Lindsay to use her attic for storage and keep the area properly insulated. Added bonus? Cellulose and foam board do not attract pests! Now Lindsay has reduced energy bills and a pest free attic. 
Video Inspiration in Westford, MA
After watching the numerous Dr. Energy Saver videos about the advantages of spray foam insulation, Steven B. in Westford MA called us to fix his uncomfortable home. In a poorly insulated attic, heat moves freely out of the home in the winter and into the home in the summer. This leaves your heating and cooling systems running constantly – racking up your bills! This is one of the reasons this client chose to insulate his roof deck and gable walls with closed cell spray foam. This super insulation adheres to the surface and expands in place so air cannot pass through. One inch of closed cell spray foam is worth many inches of alternate insulation materials. Thanks to our team at Dr. Energy Saver this client is now very happy with his newly updated and energy efficient home! Call us today to schedule your free in home evaluation.
Preventing Future Damage in Milford, NH
Mike had been living in his Milford, NH, home for several years before he called Dr. Energy Saver. Mike experienced severe ice dams. A few years ago, Mike even sustained water damage from the dams. Mike tried a variety of things, before deciding he had to call us.  Dr. Energy Saver assessed Mike's home and found the cause of the dams. To reduce his ice dams, we sealed rim joists with spray foam, sealed and insulated his attic with cellulose, and insulated the knee wall with rigid foam. Now Mike's home is properly insulated, and proper insulation is the only way to really reduce ice dams. Get in touch with us if you've got an ice dam problem too!
Reducing Ice Dams in Waltham, MA
A Waltham, MA homeowner was frustrated with the ice dams on his property. He had a state funded program check out his property, but he was not impressed with their solutions. This homeowner wanted to work with experts so he called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore. We did an energy audit on this Waltham home and discovered that to reduce ie dams, the best solution was our Super Attic. This system uses rigid foam insulation panels to fully seal and insulate the attic. A properly insulated home means significantly reduced ice dams!
Making the 1st Floor Warmer in Waltham, MA
Our client, a Waltham homeowner, wanted her home to be warmer. Particularly, her first floor. Often, when clients have cold first floors, we need to insulate the basement or crawlspace. The basement is usually the source of cold floors and cold air. In this particular case, though, we actually found the most need in the walls. Our client's walls were not properly insulated. We fixed the situation by installing closed cell spray foam into the walls. This non invasive insulation method allows us to insulate homes without ripping down walls. We simply drill into the exterior and spray spray spray! Now our client's 1st floor is warm and comfortable!
Ice Dams in Newton, MA
Lorna, a Newton, MA homeowner, contacted us after exhausting all her other options. Two years ago, Lorna's home had horrible ice dams, her home incurred significant damage. In an attempt to fix the issue, Lorna had her roof replaced. Lorna thought that the new roof would provide enough air sealing to prevent the ice dams. It didn't work. Last year, Lorna's home was again overwhelmed by ice dams. Lorna wasn't sure what to do. After doing a bit of research, she called Dr. Energy Saver. Ice dams often form because a home is not air sealed and insulated well. To reduce Lorna's ice dams, we first worked on air sealing her home. We wrapped her chimney in rockwool and installed a scuttle hatch cover. Next we used a combination of cellulose and rigid foam board to insulate the attic. An insulated attic helps to prevent a home's warm air from escaping through the roof, melting snow, and creating ice dams. Lorna can now look forward to a warmer winter and reduced ice dams! 
Heating Upstairs in Newton, MA
Insulation does not last forever. And technologies change pretty quickly. Your home's kitchen and bathroom need updating every 20 years—so does your insulation. Our client, a homeowner in Newton MA, thought that his insulation had settled. The wall was much colder at the ceiling than at the floor. What was really happening? His attic was not properly sealed and insulated—it was chilling the rest of the house. To make this home warmer, we removed the existing attic insulation since it wasn't working. Next, we used spray foam to both air seal and insulate the space. Now that the attic is insulated, our Newton client has a warm upstairs!
A Warm Pool Room in Bedford, NH
Doug wanted his entire Bedford, NH home to be comfortable year round. He loved spending time in his bright pool room and wanted to be able to enjoy the space in the winter. A warm sunny room is wonderful in the winter, and we wanted to help! Dr. Energy Saver Northshore insulated the multi-level attic by first air sealing the space between the two levels, and installing both foam board insulation and cellulose insulation. Now Doug's pool house will be cozy and bright all winter long!
Saying goodbye to rodents in Bedford, MA
Wild rodents are never welcome in homes. They cause damage to property, and worse, can spread disease. A Bedford, MA couple contacted Dr. Energy Saver Northshore because they wanted their insulation replaced. It had been damaged by rodents. Fiberglass insulation tends to attract rodents, they love to nest in the material. One of the reasons we don't work with fiberglass insulation! We replaced the fiberglass insulation with spray foam and now this Bedford MA home is rodent free!
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