Job Stories

Job Stories

Insulating for Storage in Marlborough, MA
Alton, a Marlborough MA homeowner, was frustrated with the ice dams that would consistently appear every winter. He was seeing ceiling staining and damage to his gutters. Alton didn't love the idea of cellulose insulation because he was using his attic for storage. Alton found Dr. Energy Saver Northshore through searching online. We were able to find a great solution to Alton's issue. We recommended using a combination of cellulose and spray foam. By walling off the cellulose, we were able to keep that separate from walkways and storage areas. Now Alton has it all, a home with reduced ice dams, and plenty of attic storage! 
Keeping the Critters Outside in Marlborough, MA
Shawn contacted Dr. Energy Saver Northshore after he had insulation work done from a different company. He felt that, though they did a great job with what they worked on, they might not have caught all his problems. Shawn was, in particular, worried about pests getting into his basement, he didn't feel that it was properly sealed. Shawn wanted us to come in and do an energy audit, to find what they missed. After exploring the house, we did find some missing pieces. We insulated and air sealed rim joists with spray foam and we sealed his basement windows. These two fixes create a sealed, insulated, and critter free basement for Shawn.  
Frozen Pipes in Framingham, MA
Sara's Framingham ranch had a major inconvenience. She has pipes running through her attic. And every winter, those pipes would freeze. Sara called an HVAC business about the issue, and they recommended that she spray foam her attic.  Dr. Energy Saver Northshore spray foamed her attic using closed cell spray foam. This was a quick fix for Sara, she did not have to deal with moving her pipes around or any serious construction. Dr. Energy Saver saved Sara time, prevented her pipes from freezing, and did it all at an affordable price. 
Knee Wall Insulation in Framingham
If you don't already know what a knee wall is, it's a little wall (under 3ft) that supports a roof. If your knee wall is not insulated, it can lead to a VERY cold attic and an inefficient home. Kyle and Jessica have a cape style house in Framingham, they discovered that their knee walls were not properly insulated, they called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore. We installed our SuperKneeWall with SilverGlo foamboard, an incredibly effective way to insulate an attic. This is what the finished product looks like. We also air sealed the attic and covered their scuttle hatch cover. Kyle and Jessica now have a cozy home and have saved money in energy costs.
A Thrilled Returning Client in Stow
Bala N. came to us with an inquiry about spray foam insulation for his attic. His oil costs had become very high over the past few years and he was sick of it. After fully assessing his house we determined that insulating his attic with cellulose would be equally as effective but much less expensive than spray foam. Cellulose insulation is made from recycled material that has been treated to be 100% flame retardant.  After we finished the insulation job they were thrilled and called up a few months later, asking about phase two of their project. We went to work right away on the lower part of the house. We insulated the basement, replaced all the basement windows, and replaced the basement door! Now their house is ready to take on any type of weather.
Spray Foam in Townsend, MA
Charles called Dr. Energy Saver knowing what he needed. His Townsend, MA home was not insulated properly. The builders neglected to insulate the slopes of the roof. This lack of insulation made for super hot summers and wickedly cold winters. Charles called Dr. Energy Saver looking for spray foam.  Dr. Energy Saver agreed with Charles, spray foam was indeed the best solution to his energy problem. Spray foam can dramatically increase the energy efficiency of your property. If you'd like to learn more, get in touch with Dr. Energy Saver today.
Comfort and Efficiency in Wellesley, MA
Matt, a Wellesley MA homeowner, knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted someone to remove the fiberglass insulation in his basement and replace it with shiny new spray foam. Spray foam is ideal for basements because it doesn't collect moisture or attract pests like fiberglass. Dr. Energy Saver Northshore was happy to do what Matt asked, but we also had a few recommendations of our own. We noticed that the basement windows needed to be sealed properly and that the crawl spaces had to be insulated as well. With the addition of these two things, Matt's basement was sealed from the elements, and much more efficient.  
Don't Forget the Garage! In Wellesley, MA.
Bob and Melissa called Dr. Energy Saver Northshore because they wanted to insulate their attached garage. The Wellesley, MA homeowners didn't want to heat the garage, but they didn't want to feel like the garage was a car port either! For this garage, we used a variety of insulation to make the space airtight. First, we filled the garage attic with cellulose, then we used foam board to cover the garage walls, and lastly, we used spray foam to seal all the little forgotten spaces between can lights and ducts. Bob and Melissa now have a garage that will protect their vehicles and lawn equipment from the elements.
Reducing Ice Dams in Wellesley, MA
Karim was living in his Wellesley MA home for a few years, the house was built in the 60s, and it was poorly insulated. Any home built more than 5 years ago is likely not insulated to today's standards. Every winter, Karim had to deal with ice dams. Last winter, Karim decided to call Dr. Energy Saver. We assessed Karim's home and discovered that the attic was causing most of the ice dam problem. To reduce ice dams, we began by removing Karim's old insulation, which unfortunately attracted some critters. Critters love fiberglass! After all that dirty fiberglass was removed, we sealed the attic by installing can light covers and a stair hatch cover. Lastly, we blew in cellulose insulation, a material that is critter resistant! Now Karim's attic is properly insulated, critter free, and his ice dams will be greatly reduced next winter.
Ice Dam Issues in Acton, MA
This client in Acton, MA lives in an old village colonial home that has suffered from ice dams. He called Dr. Energy Saver to address this issue before the snow falls this winter. We sent our Building Analyst Joe M. to inspect the home and provide a professional recommendation. He found that the attic was poorly insulated between floor joists with loose insulation and a complete lack of air sealing. Using the blower door test he discovered a great amount of heat was being lost through a whole house fan, wall top plates, and many other electrical and plumbing penetrations to the attic. They decided the best solution would be a traditional approach of air sealing and insulating with TruSoft blown-in cellulose and we treated the whole house fan with a custom cover to resolve this major energy waster. Now that the work is completed, this old home will be less drafty, more energy efficient, and more comfortable during cold winter and hot summer months. Old homes don’t have to be cold and drafty. Call today to schedule a free in home evaluation and find out how Dr. Energy Saver can help make your home more comfortable.
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