6 Ways to Save $$$ on Energy This Summer

Monday, June 12th, 2017 by Gwen Hurd


6 Ways to Save  on Energy This Summer - Image 1

1. Refresh your AC units – If you’re using a window AC or a whole home HVAC central air system- both will need maintenance. Cleaning or replacing filters will improve your both your air quality and your energy efficiency. Machines have to work harder to pull air through a clogged filter.

2. Keep the sun out- In the winter, if you have pets, you might notice your fur babies curling up and napping in a patch of sunlight. The sun’s energy is warming, even when the temperature is freezing. In the summer, if you want your house to be cool, keep the sun outside by drawing curtains and closing blinds when the sun is directly on your house. This will keep the sun’s energy outside on your garden, instead of raising your energy bills.

3. Program your thermostat/ AC unit – If you like your house at 70 degrees and its 100 outside, your cooling unit is going to be working hard and using energy. If you have your house set to 70 degrees all the time, even when you aren’t home, you’re wasting energy. Try setting your home to a warmer temperature when you aren’t there.

4. Use a draft blocker- If you use a draft blocker in the winter, use it in the summer. It will keep your cool air inside.

5. Run a fan at night, instead of the AC- I use a window AC, but have it set so that if the outside temperature is cool enough, it runs as a fan. You could also just open your windows!

6. Call Dr. Energy Saver!!! If your HVAC system is running non-stop and not making your home cooler, it’s likely you’ve got an insulation issue. Give us a call today!


About the author
Gwen Hurd, Marketing Assistant, earned her BA in English from UMass Amherst and her MA in Communication from SNHU. Gwen found herself excited about all things house & home when she invested in a 260 year old NH farmhouse.

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